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 Mentorship Report: Alyana

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PostSubject: Mentorship Report: Alyana   Tue 30 May - 12:55

The First Lesson.

Shortly after the Ceromany that blessed the mentorship between myself and Alyana, I took her to aside. I felt that we didn't know one another very well, and to begin with we shared our stories. Discovering that we were quite alike. We talked about much, but this was in time cut short as we both grow tired. It was once again a rather long cemony and meeting!

The Second Lesson

By Pure chance Narex, a turen druid was visiting Astrannar. This friendly druid had camped just outsided the town. I felt it was important that Alyana learnt that not very member of a faction was hostile towards us. I wanted to show her how by talking first, rather than fighting could resolve a conflict, or even aid in the resolution of conflicts to come.

Although Alyana at first attacked, both Narex and her companions, she was quick to relise her mistake. Forunately Narex is patient and a fight was avoided. After this incident, Alyana joined us at th campfire along with a growing presence of Sentnials. (Not all of the horde that came then were friendly, often attacking us off our guard.)

I had hoped Alyana would join us for our patrol, but she returned to the town.

Shademi Deepwood
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Mentorship Report: Alyana
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