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 Mentorship rapport : Kelyan

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PostSubject: Mentorship rapport : Kelyan   Sun 4 Jun - 13:35

At First, at last...

I had been designed to be Kelyan Mentor, because I was the only mentor who stayed free this night. I was really embarrassed because I felt myself unable to be his mentor. But I desired trying. During the patrol we did, I explain to him the duties of a Sentinel. But I knew he already knew it well. Maybe he was too friendly with human, but he was enough open mind to accept a Tauren as our allied. But maybe he had more difficulties to accept that a gnome could be our enemy.

At first I went with him and my ancient understudies Sahdemi in Desolace. We must give our help to a couple of elves who were lost. We quickly discover them in an orcish fortress. At this time I noticed I had nothing about fight or bravery to teach to Kelyan. He was strong, fast, brave, efficient and he saved me twice during the night.

I deeply though what I could teach him : not bravery, but discipline. Not combat abilities, but sociability. I imagine some hardship. For the sociability, he had to help Shademi in a very secret affair. For the discipline, I ask him to follow me in Strongletorn Valley. I give him order. I was strict. It was very hard for me to show him a strict and unfriendly face. After all, itís my first friend.

But he was not obedient, he was ironic and contested every decision I take. I silently suffer, but continued to give him orders. After some moment, he had taken his cat form, and like usual I pat him, imagined the cat would purr. But he grins to me. It was enough for me, and I broke the sacred union between a mentor and an understudy. I was to close to Kelyan to teach him anything.

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu
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PostSubject: Re: Mentorship rapport : Kelyan   Wed 19 Jul - 0:11

For the record, Kelyan succeded in the secret affair concerning Shademi.
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Mentorship rapport : Kelyan
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