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 Derias' Diary

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PostSubject: Derias' Diary   Sat 17 Jun - 18:33

Ogre Research

Today, I have decided to undertake the task of researching Ogres in Duskwood. I arrived at the Ogre Mound and was attacked off guard by a ogre that looked like a warrior, he was much larger than the others and wielded a massive axe. After slaying the ogre i carried on towards the cave in the mound. I approached it and a fireball hit me from the side, I looked and saw a small ogre with two heads wielding a staff was casting fire spells at me. The ogres here were used to heat and fire because when i got into the cave, the heat almost knocked me back out of the entrance...not to mention the stench of rotting flesh. Skulls laid all over the floor and numerous ogres attacked me. I came across an ogre with a spear, I have named him an "Enslaver" as he was experienced in using nets and throwing weapons, his technique was to trap you and get far away and throw weapons at you, I had small trouble with him but nothing too much. I got near the end of the cave and looked up, the sight almost made me chuck up my bear soup. Rotting carcasses were dangling from the ceiling with flies buzzing around them. 'How can they eat this?' I thought to myself. i carried on up the slope and reached the leader of this small army of ogres, he was protected by two warriors and seemed fairly strong. After defeating them all i found found a scroll which can teach an alchemist how to make a "Elixir of Ogre Strength". This potion makes you stronger for a small amount of time.

Derias "Firez" ShadowGlade
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Derias' Diary
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