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 In the Sign of the Moon

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PostSubject: In the Sign of the Moon   Tue 27 Jun - 5:16

OOC: cant sleep, got the feeling to write anything, feel free to skip


There has been much trouble in the lands of the nightelves, in kalimdor, and in azeroth. There have been many battles, many combats, and several wars.We had lost our beloved ones, Cenarius died, Queen Azshara, Malfurion missed.
We have been surprisd with the arrival of the greenskins, we have been surprised with the arivel of the brning legion and their return, we have been surprised by the scourge.
We lost countless fighters in the first war, we lost many leaders in the second, and we lost Cenarius and the worldtree in the third one.
The fourth, the battle against the Scourge, begins now.

What are we going to lose? What do we have to lose? We still have many fighters, and we wont let anyone of them die. We have several of good leaders, and we will fight at their side against whoever it shall be. But we have no Cenarius anymore, no immortality, we are mortal now. To be mortal shall call our instinct back, revive our instinct of survival, not to die, not to surrender, not to give up.

The enemy is infront of us, but he is not alone. With the scourge the horde got a stronger but unexpected "ally". This "ally" is even able to fight them, but at the moment, it is going to weaken ou defense, our army, our forces. Because we are going to fight them and the horde at oce, we are going to fight them and the horde on two different boarders, because we are fighting them and te horde so we wont lose any piece of our lands. Not again.

We lost felwood to the deamons, we lost parts of Winterspring to the burning legion, now the scourge the undeads, called by this "lidge king Arses" shall be able to take more parts.

the Sentinels are going to gather this evening, this dusk, they are going to defend our lands, our home. We lost enough, our immortality, our worldtree, our halfgod, the others, the gnomes, the humans, only lost their home. A new home is able to be build. So did we build teldrassil, so did the orcs and trolls come to kalimdor, so did the gnomes went their way into Iron Forge, so the humans build Storm Wind. But how shall we get Cenarius back? Ou Worldtree? Or our immortality?

Of course Malfurion thought it would be better to destroy the world tree and with this one to destroy the leader of the burning legion... and it might be the only way... but now many tell us we shouldnt have done this... because we didnt stop the legion to get the world tree by killing them.. no, they are simple minded and believe we destroyed the world tree with our wisps without taking notice of our sacrafice of this. We did it to help kalimdor, to help our race, our folk, and with this sacrafice we have been able to help all the others who are alive.

WE have been those who rescued the orcs, it has been US who have defeated the burning legion to rescue the shortlivers out there in Azeroth, it has been OUR sacrafice which was needed to rescue us ALL, the nightelves, the gnomes, the taurens, the trolls, the dwarves, theorcs, and even the humans and Forsaken.

Yes! If we had he choice who should be alive and who not, we would have told the legion to kill the orcs first and the scourge till coming back and being killed by us! But we wasnt able to, we had no choice, and we sacraficed so much, and hardly anyone of those mortal living beings noticed we did. Most of them seem to ignore we did. Of course it wasnt US, who sacraficed it, it has been Malfurion who had called the wisps to finish the burning legion leader.
But if we compare the great ones with name and ignore those without names, what are we going to see?
Tyrande and Malfurion united with Thrall whose friend was Cairne Bloodhoof and Jaina Proudmoore, has fought against the burning legion. It wasnt US who started this war, it wasnt US who send our fleets to fight the orcs on durotar, it was the Father of Proudmoore. (readable in the scarlet monestary => could be IC Information)

But the wounds of our ancients let us bleed, even after generation and generation we would bleed by the wounds of our ancients. The mighty ones has done something wrong and so WE are going to bleed for it.
I cant remember when we ever did something wrong, we even werent able to kill one of the orc or troll leaders.

But we were able to observe how the troll and orc leader fought one demon and this one killed the troll.
Are we gonna bleed for this? I hope we wont.

And no, we are better than the orcs and the trolls, because those arent going to bleed for the wounds of their ancients... no, they still are destroying our forest. This is no battle of ancients, this is a battle between them and us. not for faults in the past, but for the faults in the present. They still are going to do and i doubt they will stop.

There have been many victimss in asranaar, many times the defences have fallen. We are no fighters who are striking when spotted, we are fighters who are striking first from the shadows, from the woods. Our strenght is the advantage of surprise.
Somewhere... some when... we will be able to do it again.

OOC: still got the feeling i missed to say anything
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In the Sign of the Moon
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