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 Elune's Dark Harbinger - Firez

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As Siandris goes to deal the last blow to Derias he stops her using his forbidden powers...
"No..." he mutters...
He stumbles towards Shademi, who lay fatally wounded on the floor...
"Shad...emi..." he whimpers as he gets up and bandages her...

Siandris goes to try and deal the last blow again on Derias, but as he raises his hand to control her arm with his power, a loud voice comes from the forest...
"Siandris, Stop!!"
Derias looks into the forest with blurred vision and notices Alyria running towards the scene...

As Alyria yells at Siandris, Derias stumbles over to Shenrien and bandages her up as well... he then goes to walk to the inn but falls to the floor...

Several Days later, Derias emerges from the Scarlet Monastery with Árín, Phenomena, Drypher and Khelmion and they use thier hearthstones to return to Auberdine. Derias finds Shademi and he talks to her about a few days back...

After talking he felt a sharp pain in his chest. He runs into the forest and looks down at his chest and notices a large black pigment on his skin around the wounds where he was hit by Siandris...
"That's....not right?"

He gets up and hijacks a Hippogryph to Desolace...

((OOC: Derias will be missing for maybe a day or two...i will be playing so if you see me in Desolace just ignore me))
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Elune's Dark Harbinger - Firez
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