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 The family tradegy of Coradté Shiverwing

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PostSubject: The family tradegy of Coradté Shiverwing   Tue 4 Jul - 20:19

I was the twelveth child of the Shiverwing family born in the lands of the high elfs. Ofcourse, I'm not a real high elf. My father was a night elf and my mother is a high elf.

It was there it began.

In the lands of which I cannot speak of.
It was morning. When hell broke lose. When my mother entered the room.

Merewen : Coratdé, we have to leave!
Coradté : Why? What's wrong, mother?
Merewen : Just do what I say! Come with me!
Coradté : But mom, why are you crying!?
Merewen : No time for questions!

We then ran out in the forest, when voices began to raise back at our village.
Dark clouds had assembled over our house. There was nothing like this before. A dark aura exploded and I bursted into tears and fell to the ground. More elves were now on their way into the forest where we were. Safe. We tought.. There were some armed elves with bows and swords with us in our group as we ran further into the forest.

Then I froze. Everything went white and the panic stoped.

Then I heard my father's voice. I think it was.. I'm still not sure.
He spoke the forbidden language, I didn't understand anything. Not that I cared at the moment. I was shaking so much I found it hard to breath. I could still not see anything but the white that turned over me. My fathers words were almost whipsering so calm.. It settled me down for a bit. Made me calm for a second. Then it all disapeared. Reality was back. I was so confused over what just happened I didn't really care about all the panic, the screaming, the pain.. I became unconscious. I later woke up with my mother. I was lying with my head in her arms, just like when I was young.
I looked at her for a long time.

Coradté : What happened? Is it over?
Merewen : Yes, Coradté, but I have something to tell you.

My heart was speeding up. Worries about my father rose. What happened to him? Is he okay? My head was full of questions.

Merewen : You father...

She began to cry. I now began to think that something happened to my father.

Coradté : What, mother?! What?!
Merewen : He.. He is dead, Coradté!

It got blank again. I ignored everything around me. I no longer heard my cying mother. It can't be true..

Coradté : H-how do you know?! This can't be!
Merewen : I'm affraid so..

Coradté : What about the rest of them?!
Merewen : I don't know.. We heard someone shouting demonic words and then some kind of dark wave approached and swooped the trees to bits! That's when I past out.. Later I found you but noone else.. He died when they attacked us..

Demonic... I am sure that it was my father that spoke to me.. Demonic words.. Right before it all turned black.

Coradté : They?
Merewen : I don't really know.. there was rumors going on that the council was putting a big interest in black magic.. Your father was a member in the council.. He told me that it began to get out of control. That the council went too far experimenting with this.. demon.. But Valandil, your father was against the council when they wanted to continue with this project.. Then this happened.
Coradté : Terrible.. How do you know all this?
Merewen : We never had any secrets for eachother. You would know that..
Coradté : Hm.. Let's go and look for more survivors.

We then later found a group rebuilding a camp. The rest of them from our village. Those of who are left.

The years went and my father, Valandil's death was very hard for me.
It was worse with my mother. We rebuilt our village and peace was restored. But not in our hearts. The terror that once was upon us will never be forgotten. But there was things about my father I didn't got to know.. I found a book about my father. It showed up he once lived in Darnassus and once was a honored soldier. Until it showed up that my father betrayed his men and killed them all. Noone knows why. Another rumos has it that he was allied with a demon cult..

So I fled off to Kaldorei, the lands of the Night elves. With my time there, I learned their language. I continued my training as a hunter that I started in my home land. I choose to fight with these honored elves and it was then I found out about the Darnassus sentinels. I am a Nightelf myself. And I believed in their god.. My purpose there was to find out more about my father. It felt like I knew nothing about him. I spent sleepless nights crying over what happened and my mothers loss. Why did it all go so wrong, I often asked myself. I studied alot about demons and such. Then I found out I had the gift to speak demonic.. It came like a shock and I'm avoiding speaking it as much as possible. But then I met Firez. It felt like we had alot in common. We both had the.. gift to speak the forbidden lagnuage. He also had problems with demons and I'm terribly sorry for him. I even pray for him at the same way I pray for my fathers death. The Darnassus sentilens are like a family to me. I've found alot of friends.. I'm almost happy again..
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The family tradegy of Coradté Shiverwing
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