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 Derias' Troubled Past - Syrias tells Derias the truth.-Firez

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PostSubject: Derias' Troubled Past - Syrias tells Derias the truth.-Firez   Tue 4 Jul - 23:34

Derias walks towards the portal in Darnassus, when he heard a familiar voice...
"Derias!!" it yells...
He turns round to see his sister, Syrias, standing before him. She looks at his chest and says...
"So it true what I heard? *points at the shards* You have trapped them both in those things?" she inquires...
"These soulshards? Yes, it seems so..." Derias replies...

"Erm..." she stutters...
"What is it, Syrias?" Derias asks...
"There is something i have to tell is about your past... Everything that you believe is your past, it was all lies...You past is darker than that..." Syrias mumbles...
"What?!" He shouts...
"Think deeply, you will remember all..." She says...

*Derias closes his eyes and thinks hard*

The past (3rd person):

Derias sits upon a rock, sharpening his small steel dagger, when he hears a loud demonic cry from the hills beyond. He gets up slowly and walks to the area he heard the noise come from. Upon arriving the area he notices a dead human on the floor. After close inspection, he discovers it was a warlock. As he gets up he hears a rustling sound from the bush behind him, he turns around to find a massive demon behind.

*Derias opens his eyes and looks at his sister*

"Yes. I remember meeting Firez... I attacked him and we fought for days on end, eventually i took him down, but a problem occured..."

*Derias closes his eyes*

Derias runs up the demon's back, tired and weary from battle, and stabs his dagger deep into it. He rips down the demon's back, and then lands on the floor. The demon crashes to the floor behind him. Derias gets up and turns round to look at the demon, but there, hovering over the demon body, was it's spirit.
"Foolish Night Elf!" He yells in demonic
"What do you want?" Derias yells back in the forbidden tongue.
"...Your body..." The demon replies before rushing at Derias and crashing into his body...

*Derias opens his eyes*

"He merged with my body, and I called the manifestation Firez...I was unconcious for several hours, but i woke up and headed home..."

*Derias closes his eyes*

Derias walks up to the door of his house, which bursts open and a female night elf throws herself at him.
"Welcome home son!" she says
He walks into the room and looks upon six other kaldorei. his mother walks back over to the table and sits down. Derias closes the door behind him and walks further into the room. A young night elf girl gets up and runs towards him...
"Welcome home, Fiance!" she says before kissing him. Derias sits down at the table and looks at his father...
"Fiance?" he inquires...
"Yes" his father replies "You are getting married to Tillia...Don't you remember?"
"Errr....Yes...Of course!" Derias replies...
"Are you Ok?" Syrias asks from the other side of the table...
"You look ill..." Elithias implies
"I'm...fine..." Derias says
"You don't look it!" Tygra exclaims...
"I'm...I'm..." Derias looks at his hands. His eyes flash red...
"Fine..." He says..
Tygra looks at Derias and smiles...
"Really...I am!" he shouts. His eyes begin to glow bright red, he reaches for the side of the table and launches it...

*Derias opens his eyes*

"I killed them all?" Derias asks...
"apart from three of us...Me, Elithas and Tygra...Tygra tried to protect you, she had the same red glow in her eyes. Elithias banished her to a far-away land, and i trapped you in a forcefield. after sustaining you, I handed you over to Tylarin, he agreed to be your warden..."
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Derias' Troubled Past - Syrias tells Derias the truth.-Firez
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