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 Derias II's Family

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PostSubject: Derias II's Family   Wed 5 Jul - 17:05

((If you read the true story, you may be confused with who was at Derias' House, i'll write a small bio for each of them.))

Father - Derias - Middle-aged night elf, seems as normal as any other night elf, trained Derias II to be a Demon Hunter when he was younger.

Mother - Syrias - Middle aged night elf, a pretty night elf who has studied quel'dorei magic, and taught it to certain children of the family.

Brother - Elithias - A young male night elf. studied quel'dorei magic from his mother.

Sister - Syrias II - A young female night elf, very vain and has also studied the quel'dorei magic.

Sister - Tygra - A female night elf, the oldest sibling and has studied demonic artefacts and magic.

Fiance - Tillia - Derias II's Fiance, they were to be married two weeks after he returned, she is young and beautiful, and has studied to be a priestess.

Derias also has another sibling who goes by the name of "Arias"...

Brother - Arias - The second eldest sibling, who was believed to be a fearsome Demon Hunter...his current location is unknown, and used to train Derias when he was smaller.

((Tylarin is another player in the Darnassus Sentinels, who was ordered by his paladin mentor to be the warden of Derias II after murdering his family and wife. Derias will now be called Firez from now on, since it may cause confusion in the forums, In-game and out.))
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Derias II's Family
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