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 The background story for Shadowdancers.

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PostSubject: The background story for Shadowdancers.   Tue 11 Jul - 20:25

Shadowdancers Story

The time before anyone would even think there might be something as dark as this days doming, the time before anyone would even think of Scourge, there’s been some who knew the future. Those were told to be prophets, and they were wandering through land, bringing warnings and advices… unfortunately, not the truth that was wanted they brought, and no one would listen to the prophecy of dark future.

In the land of Kalimdor, at the coast of Darkshore, there’s been a place, where two of young Kaldorei kind were meeting. A woman, wearing white mask on her face, and a man who’s never thought to bother with hiding his face.
The day things started, sun was still high over the horizon, but moon was already shining at the boarder of it. Things seemed to be covered by fog, and the forest around the coast line was silent, not a whisper of wind to come.

Two of Kaldorei sat at the edge of sea and talked, pointless would be to mention what was their talk about, as the real meaning has another fact…
Next to the place they sat a tall man whose face was covered in shadows appeared from nowhere. His cloak was long and black, nearly covering his armor, shining with runes and signs.
Without fear woman took her blades in hands aiming to the stranger. Words were never supposed to disturb the silence of windless forest, as he needed no words to speak.

In their mind they heard, and listened to the words of prophecy:
“As the time will change, and none will be safe no more, you shall be the ones to give a new begining. Through the Shadows that you will live in and for, you will save the hope. By the blood you’ll shed you will bring things that you may not yet understand. As there is never a Shadow without brightness right behind it, the Shadow will be your home, and the light of the moon should give it to you, so you will aim the deeds for both and through both. You, and those you will bring to life.”

When they opened their eyes, no one was there, but the prophecy was given. They were changed… they were the first of Shadowdancers.
The time was passing and two of Kaldorei were training hard to improve their skills as warriors, but then yet again something changed… Gaining the ability to sneak through Shadows, they’ve become someone who’s nowadays called a rogue… but not only that. Their ability of sword fight was in time increasing, so in the end they were great hunters, and also – invisible ones.

Shanae and Arshaen, the two Kaldorei’s become a marriage and led their lives still loving the way of fight they’ve create. In the time they’ve had two daughters they were taking care of, still being fighters and training their daughters to the path of warriors. One of them turned her path and became a druid, other followed parents, being trained by El’Lasaars, and being their pride.

As the world started to change and all the war came to touch everything and everyone, the two of Kaldorei were called to aid. They agreed to fight, on one condition. Seeing it possible to get more to aid, they were giving all their strength just to ensure they will do all the tasks given. Since the Darnassus has become a center of power, they were aiding it with all they could give.
After time, they were paid for efforts and assigned a few young elves to train. This is how the order started to grow. The trainings given by leaders, whom El’Lasaar’s become, was letting the ones trained to become loyal and trustable. They were still silent killers, the training was still taking more and more of their feelings away, but they were perfect. Their moves and hits were never missing. The way they fought was everything they could ask for, dancing into the shadows. Disappearing whenever they wanted, they’ve turn into elite of warriors, known by very few, hidden well and called the Shadowdancers.

The order’s become needed and called to aid in many matters. In time they were being paid awesome sums for their services, also – they were known by very few, and those were to keep them as secret. The order kept working, until the day when things went wrong.

The task given was to aid human’s land. To go and destroy the corruption in area of Westfall… As it seemed to be giving possibility to show more than only Kalimdor to their daughters, leaders took the task on themselves and traveled to Stormwind.
Leaving their beloved daughters under protection of the Cathedral of Light, so they would be told of human’s language and culture – Shanae and Arshaen armed themselves and went to small town called Moonbrook, where the hide of corrupted brotherhood was said to be.
The destiny was not to be change… while the fight, things went wrong and the Shadowdancers lost their leaders, both of them died of the human’s hand.

As the breaking news of leader’s death came to members of order, chaos came and not a single one was even considering to start fighting for position of leader. Shadowdancers were close to fall apart and become wandering rogues to hire. But that didn’t happen. There was still something to give a bit of hope to those who wanted to keep order alive. Daughters of El’Lasaars – Haven and Hevia, both still too young and never trained, but both having the right birth to reach for leadership.

The Shadowdancers were watching both of young El’Lasaars. The day that made them sure of who might ever attempt to reach position of parents was when they saw Haven killing Hevia in Darnassus. It was no longer required to pick the most suitable of sisters, and none of Shadowdancers ever needed to ask Haven for her reason to kill sister. They have all seen.
Few months passed at watching and ensuring if Haven might ever fit the place she was supposed to take. While the time, some of the order started to disbelief in young warrior, who cannot stealth properly, and is not as good and silent killer as her parents were.
Those either left to wander alone, or started to put their efforts in becoming leaders themselves. One of the oldest members finally decided to move onward and sent a letter to Haven. A letter telling that there is a way for her to keep parent’s work up, and that they will await her in Darkshore.

As Haven arrived, she was told that she has to complete the training. Considering some of the order still wanted her not to complete it, her task were hard and not only dangerous – but also made her change. She’s become less soft, her thoughts became straight. Order to kill a child was an order to do, even if she tried to fight it – the reason was last thing to ask for.
The Shadowdancers never look back at their past, they keep going and fighting for the cause they are told is right. No need to ask, just follow leaders. As there was no one to lead – they’ve turn a bit and became cruel. Usually treating new recruits wrong and being harsh, but as Haven said – it is to change, as soon as her position is stable.
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PostSubject: Re: The background story for Shadowdancers.   Fri 14 Jul - 18:00

Look Haven, my mother took it with this strange gnomish device they call a photocamera.....this was before ... well..... before Moonbrook....

((its on this link: ))

Hope you like it.

*Assasina hands over the photo and salutes*

(hmm...calculated time, leaving the time in which i did nothing out, about half an hour work....i like it Exclamation ))
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The background story for Shadowdancers.
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