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 Eliandries Request to join The Shadowdancer's

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PostSubject: Eliandries Request to join The Shadowdancer's   Wed 12 Jul - 11:28

((IC request for my alt to join you ))

"Eliandrie rushes forth, catching up with haven."
- Haven! "she yells as she know Haven can hear her."
- Haven, you might not know me. but i am Eliandrie.. a Ranger and a hunter of the Kaldorei. my full name is Eliandrie Nightbreeze. sister of Alyria.

"Eliandire catches some air, breathing exausting."

- i have come to offer my services. and life if need be. Alyria asked me of this, but i would not have comed if it was not my own choise. you means alot to Alyria, and as she is the leader of the Sentinels... she cannot join you in your matter... there for i ask you to accept me, to take the place for someone who cares about you.

"Eliandrie smiles gently, and bows"

- Give it some thought... and give me an aswer when you have decided. i will serve you, as you have served my sister.

"eliandrie starts to run towards ashenvale, calling her black wolf out from the shadows. pulls out her bow."

"Eliandrie yells" - You can find me in Ashenvale... hunting...!
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PostSubject: Re: Eliandries Request to join The Shadowdancer's   Wed 12 Jul - 14:49

*sitting on a shiny polished by waterfall in Darnassus,stone - Haven takes a scroll in hand and starts to scribe small runic letters*

Dear Eliandrie,
You are naturally welcome in the ranks of the order, there is always space for those who's given me a hand or their closest ones. I will make sure you are being trained and given enough of attention you'll need, as your sister's once did for me, now I am willing to pay all my effort to show the best of us to You.
With all my respect to Alyria comes also respect to you, as I believe you are not much different from her.
Also I do believe you will bring nothing but pride to your family, even if the ways we follow are often covered in blood, not glory.
But does a way really matter so much if the target's being taken?

I hope you will feel good and will soon increase your abilities to the edge of posiblities, which is what we all aim for.
Besides... I so hate the polithics and all official matters... why wouldn`t I just put it in words I'd preferably use?

*Haven looks at her scroll and chuckles silently at own thoughts.*

Eliandrie, you're welcome to join us, you'll always be welcome to come back in case you'd leave. The secrets we'll share however - should stay secrets even if you'll see us unworth of having you in our ranks and decide to leave for once.
If only you can accept this, consider yourself a part of Shadowdancers organisation.

Signed, Haven El'Lasaar.
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Eliandries Request to join The Shadowdancer's
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