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 The idea and what you need to become a member.

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PostSubject: The idea and what you need to become a member.   Wed 12 Jul - 14:24

Main idea to ever create the guild comes from RP story line.
Somehow the story turned the way that gives a background for guild also.
I had to leave Sentinels to ensure I can create and really run the order of Shadowdancers, yet the guild is supposed to once join the Sentinels as sub-order. The alliance and bound between both guilds is to become strong and in the end lead to complete union. As soon as Iíll make sure everything is set and done, I will ask Alyria to talk out all the matters with me, so itíll be set for a while before the pact will come to work.

The Shadowdancers are mostly rogues, druids or hunters. All the classes that can either hunt down or sneak through the shadows. Naturally it is going to be made of elves, of RP reasons Ė only females.
Alternative characters are welcome, as long as owner can pay a little of effort and find suiting role, show at a few meetings, or RP events that are to come.

Of what is there needed to become a member:
1. Character has to be a night elf, female, druid / rogue / hunter.
2. It is clearly Role Playing game, so no other players are acceptable.
3. You have to know the background story of guild.
4. You should have own story set for the character that is supposed to join.

I will seek for people who can take part in story Ė the order is said to exist for quite a while now, but itís leadership has change Ė so there has to be a few who would like to play the role of older members, those whoís been there when Havenís being trained, and those whoís been still members when her parents were leading the order. More in guild story.

From technical matters, the guild is not going to be any of pve, end game or anything at all. It is Role Playing guild and priority is to play your role. Naturally, any aid needed will be given, and there is never any Role Playing without friendship, so itís a part of plan too.
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The idea and what you need to become a member.
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