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 A shortcut about who and why - story in shell.

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PostSubject: A shortcut about who and why - story in shell.   Wed 12 Jul - 14:27

Where the order comes from and who’s actually made it work at all?

Parents of Haven were both rogues. Thought, not the typical rogues, but a special class known as Shadowdancers (known by either those who met them – but they are probably dead already, or those who hired them – those might be still alive, but not stupid enough to talk loudly about the order).
In the time they were trained, they were supposed to work only for Darnassus, as elite ones, to be sent wherever typical army would not get to. As there was no need to use all the garrison, the Shadowdancers were called to fix the matter of either corruption, worrying news, or simple need of protecting someone important while his travels.
Soon Haven’s parents saw the possibility of gathering more of young Kaldorei to teach them and make them work under their command. And so it all started.
To avoid any of complications caused by strong feelings inside the order, Shanae El’Lasaar and her husband never agreed to let any male, other than Haven’s father to get involved in the cause. Hence all of the members were females.
When Haven was born, she was given some training, mostly the beginners abilities to use in combat. Before her training was complete, her parents got killed in Westfall.
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A shortcut about who and why - story in shell.
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