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 Position of the Keeper - to be set!

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PostSubject: Position of the Keeper - to be set!   Wed 12 Jul - 14:31

The activities that are welcome:
1. Gathering information that can be used, considering human’s weaknesses and their problems, yet – not to aid them, but to ensure we are up to date with what is bothering Eastern Kingdoms.
2. Gathering information about current orders that are holding first place of Stormwind’s military strength.
3. Gathering information about who’s currently being in war / unfriendly comities. All of the fights, verbal and military between different orders of humans.

A cause of out community being just rebuilt and changing, there is a need of someone who’ll take care of the information being sorted out and checked. For that reason – here comes a call for someone to sign for position of the Keeper.

Ensure to be ready for the task.
Please sign here if you are instersted in taking the task of gathering informations.
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Position of the Keeper - to be set!
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