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 A bit of advices / rules for new members.

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PostSubject: A bit of advices / rules for new members.   Wed 12 Jul - 14:33

Ways to improve abilities:
1. As often as possible be active in conversations of guild and singular members.
2. Always show up at the meetings, unless there is very important issue of absence.
3. Take place in raids and team hunts organized and always follow the orders.
4. Be helpful for others and do not behave greedy.
5. Do not abuse kindness of others. Ask for aid only when you really need it.
6. Act for people as you would like them to act for you.
7. Always think twice before you take any decision, because you may regret it after all.
8. Try to get tasks given done as fast as possible as a proof of your hard trying.
9. Be honest and do not try to hide things that went wrong so You will be aided for the next time and get a chance to fix own mistakes.
10. Consider yourself as part of the order and always remember that you are responsible for it the same way as everyone else.
11. And the last one that comes to my mind if you have done wrong, then do not try to avoid responsibility, but excuse and do your best to repair mistake. Everyone can do wrong sometimes.

Ways of testing abilities:
1. New member should take part in at least three team hunts while her learning period. The result of it should be reported by someone of the elders.
2. New member should show up high activity and propose at least one team activity.
3. New member has to take part in at least one raid and do well while it. Has to follow orders and show the best of her/himself.
4. Member has to show her mind ways and while the time she/he is being learned will be asked at least one important question - that should lead to discussion, which will show the ways of thinking and his/her opinions.
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A bit of advices / rules for new members.
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