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 The ranks of Shadowdancer’s order.

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PostSubject: The ranks of Shadowdancer’s order.   Wed 12 Jul - 18:07

1. Novice – those are member who’s been given a chance to train under older member’s protections and are still to be tested in matter of their abilities. While you belong to the rank of Novices, you are supposed to be given advices and mentorship, but also you are supposed to show how much of yourself you are willing to give.
Novices are not allowed to vote in most of matters, as long as they are not given permission to take place in voting.
2. Sworn – a full member with all the privileges and complete training. The ones that are already done with Novice’s training and are being given important tasks. The regular members who has still not done enough to become Elders, but are able to train Novices. Those are to be mentoring Novices and train them the way they’ve been trained.
3. Elder – members who’s either been a part of order since it’s beginning, or have done something to highly increase order’s position. All of those are representing order and are being highly responsible. To become an Elder you should do something really important to prove you’re worthy, or act as representative member would.
4. Council - something to aim for, those are members who's been active and are advising the leader in most of matters, they are not only representing order as person, but also being sent to all of official meetings, but also being assigned of most important tasks in the order and organisation.
5. High council - the one standing over all other members, being a personal advisor and vice leader of the order. The Council and High Council are new ranks in the order and to achieve them everyone has to show their loyalty and activity from now on.
6. Harbinger – the current leader of order.

Also there is position of the Keeper to be assigned – the Keeper is someone who’s gathering all the information in one place (the forum) and keep all the news written down.

Those ranks are still to be seen - I wish to see opinions, there might be lots of better ideas, but yes - the mentorship should stay, as it's best way to ensure members are ready / not ready for better position.
The ranks of Councils are something to aim for, as you can become and Elder by giving a good story for it - you can not become a Council this way - here you need to show your tryings while the order's working.

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PostSubject: Re: The ranks of Shadowdancer’s order.   Wed 12 Jul - 18:33

Gonna come up with a good story and reason for Zika to be an Elder Razz
Not too sure if i'm interretsed in the keeper position. Still have to make the complete background of Zika and also, not sure if i'll be active enough for that position. Or if i'm able to handle it Razz

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The ranks of Shadowdancer’s order.
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