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 To all Elders!

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PostSubject: To all Elders!   Wed 26 Jul - 6:44

A few things that you are allowed to do!

- Feel free to recruit new members, ensure just they are Role Players.

- Promote or demote the ones you menthor. You are free to promote anyone to the rank of Elder or Sworn whenever you think it's the right moment!

- You are free to announce, change and add things, it's your call really.

About me: sorry to dissapoint you with my lack of activity, I would love to do thousand of events and things, but my current position ain`t letting me. I moved out of my house and now live with boyfriend, where we are still waiting to get our new net connection. Once it is set I should be both - more often online and more active.

Kind regards.
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To all Elders!
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