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 An uncomfortable task

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PostSubject: An uncomfortable task   Mon 31 Jul - 1:51

OOC: I guess this is the right place for stories and such things, right?


I was there again, in Stranglethorn Vale, hunting with my best friend and pet, Nightsabre. Almost immediately I noticed that Nightsabre had some problems to dodge enemy's attacks, but I didn't think it was anything serious; the enemy was much stronger than we expected. Soon we had killed that enemy and soon after that we met some trolls. I remembered that a goblin asked me to get some of their ears for him. What a crazy hobby, I thought and then we attacked that troll.

This battle was even harder for Nightsabre than the previous one, even though the troll was weak. Nightsabre tried her best but it just wasn't enough. The troll hit her in a critical spot, Nightsabre fell down and the troll started to charge for a finishing hit. Nightsabre was still trying to bite the troll, which slowed down him a bit. I realized immediately that this is serious, aimed for the troll's eye and shot the arrow with more power than ever before. Immediately after that I ran where Nightsabre was lying, pierced that troll's stomach with my sword just because I was so angry, that arrow was more than enough to kill that bastard.

I steathed my sword, grabbed Nightsabre and summoned me and herself to a human town called Darkshire. There I healed Nightsabre as well as I could. Then I started to examine Nightsabre with care. I saw nothing unusual, except the wounds she got when fighting that troll. I knew something was definitely wrong. Nightsabre's face looked tired. Then I realized it. She was getting too old to fight against enemies so powerful as the ones in Stranglethorn Vale. I was thinking, what I should do. I knew Nightsabre would get really depressed and probably die in sadness if I told her that she can't fight with me anymore. But then again, I wouldn't be able to just kill her, even if it's for her own best.

Then something bad happened; the wounds opened again. I cursed myself for being too lazy to practise first aid. I couldn't take care of the wounds properly and I saw from Nightsabre's face that she was in great pain. I couldn't just watch my best friend die in pain and that's why I did what I did. I took my sword and placed it on Nightsabre's throat. I saw the frightened look in Nightsabre's eyes. I couldn't watch, so I looked away and said "I'm sorry!" while trying to hold the tears. I lifted my sword and then struck it through Nightsabre's throat and through the table she was lying on. The blood splattered on my face. I was angry to myself, I rose my sword once again, this time to strike myself. The tip of my sword had already wounded me when I realized how unfair it would be to Nightsabre. I dropped my sword, fell on my knees to the floor, and cried.

After a while I finally stopped that pathetic weeping, stood up and steathed my sword. Then I took some of Nightsabre's blood and put it inside of my necklace to remind me that I should never give up, just like Nightsabre never did. Then I took Nightsabre's body, travelled to Darnassus and dug a grave where I then put the body of Nightsabre.

OOC: I actually was questing in Stranglethorn Vale with Nightsabre. After a few enemies it was however clear that she was way too low level for that place. And as I don't like to kill numerous amounts of 27-30 level mobs just that Nightsabre could keep aggro in STV, I decided to abandon her. Right now I'm using an Elder Ashenvale Bear called Fang (also known as Bear), whom some of you have already met.

I haven't wrote any stories like this before, so I don't know if it's any good. I just wanted to try. And for the necklace, I think my necklace doesn't have any jewel or anything that could turn red from blood, but let's play it does, okay? Actually I think there is no way putting anything inside my necklace (judging from the necklace's icon), but let's play there is, okay?
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PostSubject: Re: An uncomfortable task   Mon 31 Jul - 10:50

Don't mourn Nightsabre, Padia. Nature is everlasting. You, me, Nightsabre is just the part of the change, that goes in full circles. Elune watches over us, but she watches the whole, not the single. Today even elves are mortal, and this is the way of Nature, not the fault of it...

Pets hold aggro hardly when you are at the edge of a new 10 of levels, because you get growl only at every 10th level, so when you fight lets say as lvl 39 against a lvl 42 mob, your pet has the lvl 30 growl, and that the mob usually resist. In that case you should deal moderate demage, like not in aspect of the hawk, to let the pet deal a bit more of the percentage.
But there is no thing as old pet in game mechanics. You can teach the same abilities to an old pet as to a new, and it will have the same characteristics as the old. Of course there are differences between pet types, like cat/bear, and there are differences between attack speeds, like a nightsabre has 1.3 attack as I remember, Broken Tooth has 1.0.

Edit: besides its a good story Padia, I like pet stories...
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An uncomfortable task
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