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 A new commander

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PostSubject: A new commander   Mon 31 Jul - 23:44

A new commander

Elloa was in the office, left by Alyria.She could almost smell the odour of the great Warrrior, but she was nott there anymore. With all of this paper and books arround her, lonely...Elloa felt sad.

In the same night she has been designed by Alyria as new commander, and she receive the command by Shadémi in Elune Temple before all Sentinels.

In the same nigth an awfull attack on cross road had been done. Darnassus Sentinel had to help their friend Crimson Egles, but Ello did not know one of them. As she just had become the commander, she tried to respect the descision Alyria would have token, but now,after the massacre it has been, after the angry letter of Lorne, a Tauren she respected deeply, she truelly believed it was her first mistake. A hard one.

In the same night she had lost one of her eldest friend which has choosen to gone in Emerald Dream for her. A cruel lost. Once again.

Now, she was sad and confused. She had not the temper of a commander. She was just an humble priestess.

- Arin coul be a wondefull commander, she knew how to fight, how to lead troup. I'm unable of doing that. I can just offer my compassion, though the young elf.

She took her head in her hand, and let the tear wet her checq. Her heart was full of despair, melancholy and confusement. Nothing will never be like before, never.

- I can not be Commander like that ! Especially after what had told me our High Priestess. This secret eat me...if that happen, how could I assume all those responsibilities. We must designe a new Commander by democratic way, with a poll.

The command has been given to me in hurry. it's not a good thing. I offer my service to the guild, but to be Guild Master is not MY wish and IC it's very special Elloa has become commander.

If I stay Guild master, i'll IC let the lead of the troup to Arin (who will become the Captain with big THE) and I'll be take the title " Lady" or somthing like that. I'll be IC the leader of Sentinel, but not in a Military way.

There are different solution we didn't think about it. But especially the new commander has not been voted. I'd like personn which want to become Guild Master show themselves, and we will make a pool IC and OOC.

Just what i mean is that I try to do my best. but other personn are able of beeing commander. Whatever happen, i'll be there to offer my help. But don't forget i'm a mum with two chidren and i can not play more than I actually do now, that mean only the night and maybee not everyday.

Everyone from this guild has this word to say, so please, let make a vote. I don't want to be the guild master only by the wish of only one person even if a lot of you trust me and like me. There are other personn we trust here.

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu

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PostSubject: Re: A new commander   Tue 1 Aug - 2:46

My Dear mentor and friend,

I would follow you to the end of the world if you but asked. I knew from the way you looked that night you were unhappy. Know that you will always have my support.


Im not cut out for commanders job. And being it for half a day was just plain werid. Captain maybe. and i stand once again for the captain vote next round up, but as for commander, i think not. Who ever stands i hope they will keep the guild strong

Shademi Deepwood
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PostSubject: Important - please read   Tue 1 Aug - 14:38

I was thinking....
Maybe we could divide the leadership in two or more parts...
Let me explain myself...
Since our dear Elloa *smiles* is not willing to run the battlefield...\
What i'm about to suggest is divide our "fields" into something like Ministries...

I dont want to sound political but I think if everyone had little to focus on and each one played one part in our group it might work better....

Just a suggestion...

P.S.:we have to make more meetings until things are set...

Best Regards,

Chloye Alre.....

P.P.S.:ELLOA FOR PRESIDENT!!!! */imba smile*
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PostSubject: Re: A new commander   Wed 2 Aug - 17:28

OOC, i like where Chloye is going, splitting might be good, but not too many leaders! two at the max i think, one spiritual and one military.

Also, i would like to suggest Eleystra to the commander post, i know she is a great person, a great RPer and she also have plans for the sentinels and is ready to make changes.
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PostSubject: Re: A new commander   

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A new commander
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