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 A love story - The last of the Shiverwings

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PostSubject: A love story - The last of the Shiverwings   Fri 4 Aug - 6:49

I have a problem. It's no ordinary problem. And one wouldn't even call it a problem. It's a curse that my father gave me. I realised that it's no use to lie anymore. So I'm going to tell you how it is. My father, Valandiel, gave me this curse. It doesn't harm me or is dangerous for me in any way. It prevents me from "passing the torch". As to say, make a family. I cannot spread the Shiverwing family and the sad part is that I'm the last born. My father had a reason to do this. He doesn't want anything to do with his family no more. It's sad, yes and I've sworn my vengeance to hunt him down and kill him. I do not even know if he is an elf no more. This prevents me from love. I once felt great love for Derias and it seems now, that it's fading with each day. This actually stoped me from even telling him that I loved him. But, foolish as I was, I did anyway. I told my very dear friend Elloa about this. Yes, she really is a piece of my heart. So soon, only more knew about this and I don't want to hide it no more. Since what happened between Firez and me has created an even greater burden for me to bear, I can only ease them now by telling you about it. There's also a reason why I'm telling you this. I need help. I know Sharna is our demon expert and that both Elloa, Lonad and Eleyestra has great powers when it comes to aid others. I deeply hope that you can help me with this. For it has only gotten harder for me to burden this in my thoughts. It's time I do something about it and I cannot do it alone. Please, I'm begging you to help me with this. I've already made a fool of myself several times before you and by hiding this I'm even more foolish. You, my family, my guild, are the only ones I can say this to. Who else would bother to listen to me.
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PostSubject: Re: A love story - The last of the Shiverwings   Fri 4 Aug - 8:11

I will do whatever i can to help you in this matter my freind *smiles*

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A love story - The last of the Shiverwings
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