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PostSubject: The reply...   Sun 6 Aug - 20:42

*The owl you sent with a message to the Greywolf tribe has finally returned to you.*
*When the owl lands you see that it is bearing a scroll, but it is not your message returned, instead it is a new one in it's place*

Greetings, Shadowdancers.

I must first apologize for the late reply. I have been out on other errands and therefore not been able to meet with the leaders and discuss this alliance that you seek. And secondly, I am to tell you that we had to keep the owl in order to truly reassure ourselves that our reply would find it's way to you, seeing as one of our great white-tailed eagles might not find you or end up getting attacked by a hunter, for they are truly a prey to boast about killing in the circle of hunters. We have fed the owl and our druids have even kept it company when they sensed that it was getting worried.

Anyway, I will get to the point at hand. Yes, we do have an alliance with the Sentinels.
But I have to say - and this I understand is to your liking - that I have not heard that much about you before receiving the message you sent with this owl. Now however I have listened to the winds that carry rumors and information and have of course cast away the rumors, which I recognize through them being slightly exaggerated in story. It is too see with your words and our eyes what is really true.

This said, I am glad to answer that the Greywolf Tribe will put their trust in the Shadowdancers and expect to not be attacked and in return will not attack you and yours. It is not in our nature to attack anyone that does not attack our own, unless they are of a group that we consider enemies, and now the Shadowdancers will be known as one group that we will not attack.
As you said, trust must be earned - and so the Greywolves will give you the benefit of the doubt and even a bit more. Do know, however, that even a mistake will be a very serious thing and might be something that breaks this truce, and certainly will be if measures is not taken and actions are not done. Of course the same goes for us.

On behalf of the entire tribe, I thank you for giving us the opportunity for this much needed truce in these harch times of war. We, both the alliance and horde, must focus on the real and actual threats instead of bickering about the wars and quarrels that our races have had in the past, and I must say that we are relieved to see that there are more than us that see this.

May the wind be at your backs, honored Shadowdancers.

Lorne Whitehorn
Elder Peace Talker of the Greywolf Tribe
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The reply...
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