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 Background of Adora Blackwood

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PostSubject: Background of Adora Blackwood   Thu 17 Aug - 14:16

Name: Adora Blackwood
Alias: Daughter of the Wild

Long past:
Adora was born in the city of Astranaar in Ashenvale. Her parents were very well endowed and highly regarded. The name Blackwood was associated with respect, and as a result of it, also envy. While growing up, Adora had a hard time accepting the harsh words that other young elves spew out about her and her family, and because of this she often got into trouble. She discovered very early a natural ability to communicate with various animals, and she even seemed to have a mental bond with them as well, making her extremely compassionate of them and the forests in wich they lived.
One, and perhaps the strongest, argument the simple-minded and envious Kaldorei used against the Blackwood family was the fact that they had a Tauren tribe as one of their closest acquaintances. The Blackwoods had at first become very interested in this tribe, called the Whitehorn Tribe, as it seemed the tribe consisted mostly of blood-related Taurens and only those who were married to one of the true Whitehorns, were allowed in the tribe. They soon started to take notes about them and even imitated the language the tribe used. When they felt assured that this was not an agressive tribe, they approached them and started to speak the tribal language to ensure them that they meant no harm. This started a very long relationship between the royal Kaldorei family and the simple Tauren tribe, which - to the delight of the envious inhabitants of Astranaar - eventually got them driven out of their homes and cast out from Astranaar. When Adora was born, her family members had already learned the tribal tounge of the Whitehorne Tribe and she talks it as natural as the Darnassian language. The latest language she learned was the common language of humans, and she still have some problems with it, more than her simple youth-bound sentence structural issues she has with even her more fluent ones.
After being driven out of their home in Astranaar, the Blackwood family moved to The Barrens and made camp close to the Whitehorn Tribe, who lived in Camp Taurajo.
Just before the first war, the Whitehorn Tribe had a tribal celebration relating to Lorne Whitehorn’s daughter Anaya. Adora attended the celebration alone though, as her parents were away to try to talk some sense into those who were in charge of Astranaar at the time. She and her very young Tauren friends Shey and Anaya played around, very much like young ones do. Suddenly the village was attacked by Centaurs, chaos arose and everyone tried their best to defend their loved ones. Adora hid with her Shadowmeld ability, which she used frequently when playing hide and seek with the young Taurette friends of hers. She sat down against the back of a hut, closed her eyes and held her hands tight against her ears. She could not cut out Lorne’s furious roars, and knew that it was over when she no longer could hear it.
She immediately ran home, keeping her eyes up at the sky and her back at the carnage at all times. Her tears would not cease running down her cheeks as she ran. Pictures of the ones she had grown to love as if they were family filled her mind and she wept even more.
When her parents came home they found Adora shivering in a corner of their house, which they had have built for them.

A bit more present:
Adora’s family were able to stay away from the first and second war, as did most Kaldorei. The third was not that easily avoided and even if possible, very few - if any - Kaldorei dodged this war. The Blackwood’s were no exception, so they went to fight alongside the rest of the able Kaldorei in the Third War and forced her to stay home. After the war was over however, none of her family members showed up. Being an optimistic girl, she waited while hunting for her own food for almost 5 years, but soon got tired of waiting and decided that she was going to look for any survivors, both of her immediate family and the less immediate family of the Whitehorn Tribe. It didn’t take long until she found news of a Lorne Whitehorn living among the rest of the Taurens, in a capital city for all Tauren tribes to gather at. Rumor said that he had found a tribe too and this made Adora very happy and she started out to find Lorne.
She found him in Bloodhoof village and met many of his new family.
He eventually told her that she might want to venture to the city of Darnassus and find a Sentinel and offer them help, as they might need someone that can talk to a Tauren. She went to the city and found a Sentinel much earlier than she had planned on, her name was Árín. After talking to her for a while she was taken into the ranks of the Darnassus Sentinels.
Adora has still not come to the age of adulthood.

Only time will tell.

In short:
Born into a rich family, whom got cast out of their home in Astranaar because of their ties to the assumed dangerous Tauren race. Discovered her ability to communicate with animals. Learns the language of the tribe her family has befriended. Parents are lost after the Third War. She finds her long lost friend Lorne. She is accepted into the Darnassus Sentinels.


I hope this doesn't go against anything in the lore... I think I thought it through wnough to not clash with anything in Night Elven lore.

And I hope that at least someone have the energy to read through it all and not only read the short version. Razz
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Background of Adora Blackwood
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