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 [Lost Documents] Naralex awakening

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PostSubject: [Lost Documents] Naralex awakening   Fri 25 Aug - 17:53

Some old documents has been lost, some others has been found

Naralex awakening

Investigation Expedition in the Scarlet Monastery, Tirisfal

The last expedition I done was a fiasco…The book we found in Blackfantom Deep didn’t contain any interesting information. But, I had reason to not let me overwhelmed by despair. A Sentinel must be strong and do everything in his power to do her duty. I must confess, Naralex was not my only concern. And if I wanted so much discover the way of awaken him, it was especially with the hope of using this secret later for Elendel.

This night, I organised quickly the expedition. Zuzia, Skelir and Khelmion immediately answered my call, and we gather before the Auberdine Moonwell. I hoped to see Kelyan, but he was missing, certainly gone in the human countries he liked so much. The last member of the Expedition was a certain Djb, a hunter I often meet at Astrannar during battles, and good friend of Zuzia. I explained them quickly the situation and our mission. Zuzia felt embarrassed, I think she is not able of reading, but I tried to comfort her and gave her a special protection task. After Elune bless, we gone.

The travel was long…very long. I passed through countries I never walked since centuries. I could recognise nothing…even the old Hillsbrad Castel, actually in ruins. We made a short halt in Southshore village, and after we passed through Forsaken Territories. How scarifying those forests are! Even the trees seem to belong to a nightmare! Some hanged man were disturbed by the wind and eaten by crows. Scarifying!

Khelmion explained us the Monastery we will investigate was occupied by fanatic humans. Indeed, it was more difficult that what I had expected. I had innocently believed that we could be allowed by the Scarlet Monastery inhabitants to look in the Librairy after the information we needed, but their amazing hostility towards us forced us to fight. The battle was hard, those monks were well trained, and their fanaticism made them unfeeling to fear.


After a long and hard way through the Monastery halls, we finally discovered some books. The place was not safe. Different patrols could find us at every moment, then, we didn’t take the time to read the book there, and we put them in our bags.

When we saw how many books there had, we quickly understand how our mission was difficult. If we find no interesting informations in the books we take, we certainly will be forced to come back again, and again, until we would read every book of this amazing and giant library!

My last hope broke when we killed the Librarian, or the Great Monk, I don’t know who he was exactly, but I was sure he could have help us if we had threaten him instead of cutting his head.

I feel bad now. So much blood on my hands…War time is evil. Trust, faithfulness, loyalty have despair, and now, it’s hate and revenge which governs the world.
We, Elune priest, have a lot to do…And now, I have a mountain to read!

The Book

Kelyan and I spent last night in reading the books I’ve token back from Scarlet Monastery. When the morning shows his first light, I discover this text in a very old Magic Encyclopaedia:

“Fight fire with fire, fight water with water. The first law of magic here shows her exception. Shamanic ritual often use this way of cure : fire for fire, poison for poison…Druidic magi which are close Shamanic magi, it’s quiet the same thing. “

It’s not a great discover but I think this text it’s a good first step. I’ll continue my research in that way.

During the nights I spent in reading I discover this book. Of course, I was sure everyone would laugh at me; it’s why I kept that discovery secret. I quickly organise an expedition to the Wailing Caves. I wanted to be sure that this method was useless. I dare say, I was full of hope, you will quickly understand why.
Shademi, Raltier, Zuzia and I met at Astranaar, as usual. I explained them the “mission of the day” without enter in details. I was afraid, if I told them the true, they would not join me in this amazing quest.

The travel happens almost as usual, we were very careful and we didn’t meet any Hordies when we passed through the Barrens.

But after some time of running, we lost Shademi. It’s a girl full of bravery, but I must say she is sometimes impatient and overzealous. I sent Raltier, who was able of fast run to find her, but he didn’t succeed. I began to be seriously worried. Fortunately, few times later, we find Whisper her owl, and he drives us to her, at Wailing Caves entrance.

In the cave, I was amazed that the sect we fight some times ago was coming back, more aggressive than never. We quickly went in Naralex “bedroom”. I didn’t had the time to say anything that Shademi was already gone next the asleep druid and tried to awake him. As I expected, she felt. I kept my breath and I finally explained them what was the famous book I kept in my bag.

It was a human story. According the spoiled cover, it was an old book. The name of this story was “Snowwhite” and tells the adventure of a young lady, fall asleep by a warlock, or something like that, and who was awakening by the kiss of a prince. If this very soft and simply method could work on Naralex, I was sure I would be able to awake my dear Elendel in the same way.

I charged Shademi, as one of her mentorship hardship, to kiss Naralex. Her first move was refusing, but she knew what her duty was, and finally she executed her mission with care.

I was full of hope. Raltier seemed doubtful, and could not disguise the sarcastic smiles which enlighten his face. But Naralex didn’t awake. I was completely wrong with this book. I was full of shame and embarrassment to have asked to Shademi such a useless mission.

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu
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[Lost Documents] Naralex awakening
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