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 [Lost Documents] First charity market

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PostSubject: [Lost Documents] First charity market   Fri 25 Aug - 17:54

First charity market

This first Charity Market was a success. Some persons from the Circle of The Moon came with the leader Lorendel. Some others and unknown people were came to share their possession with the most destitute. Unfortunately, in the same moment, some Hordies had attacked Astranaar, and the officers of The Darnassus Sentinels had been hold in the city to defend it.

At Dolanaar we were surprised by the work to do. There had been so much persons who needed bags, clothes, potions, enchant…Even a gnome who were lost in our forest. I make him promise to not use his engeniery on our land.

The Darnassus Sentinels officers came later.

Some of our druids, Celestar, Greenleaf and our commander Arya make a little show for our biggest pleasure.

At end, some person felt themselves so concerned by the protection of our civilisation that they speak with our officer and join us as new recruits.

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu
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[Lost Documents] First charity market
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