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 [Lost Document] Gnomes and dwarves

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PostSubject: [Lost Document] Gnomes and dwarves   Fri 25 Aug - 17:58

Gnomes and dwarves


I write you this letter because you must be warned about what happened last evening. I was walking through our wonderfull city, when a Dwarf attracted my attention. He was scouting the city, looking after a « good trees » to cut.
He choose one nice purple and eleguant tree and without listen to my protestations, toke his axe and began his crime. I tried to stop him, use a lot of argument, even insult or threat. But nothing I could say change his mind. I tried to stop him by force…but I dare say, a Dwarf lumberjack have more force than a thin elf like me..

And the tree were cut. I was so angry ! I run after the dwarf, tried to stop his crime..He were looking arond him in order to find another tree to cut. He explain me he had a family to feed. I proposed my help, give him money or everything he wanted in exchange he stop cuting our beloved trees. But he didn’t care about my speech.
Then , he was angry, he kill before my eyes a doe and a squarrel, and eat them, eat the fresh flesh !

I was so shocked. I thing my act were disorganised before such an offence to our nation. I duel him…but I had no chance and he fight me easely. Fortunately, Celestar arrived precicely at that moment and he cured my injuries. The dwarf choose a another tree, bigger and began to hurt it with his bloody axe. Celestar tried to stop him but he failed like I did.

I was so full of anger and disespair before those arfull creature, that I speak in the name of the Darnassus Sentinel. I ‘m ashamed to have done that, but I was seriously affected. I present you my apologies and I swear, I’ll never behave myself like that again.

I’ve related the fact, Celestar can testify what I said is true. I’m sure you ‘ll take the good descion.

Your faithfull,

Elloa Silversky.


I have all time supposed gnome to be thoughtless, but I never imagine they can be so mad ! Yesterday, I met just before our bank to gnome, a male and a female. The female tried to kill our wisp with that evil machinery: a gun.

Like I did for the dwarf, I tried to explain them the rules of our city, and that Wisp where the sacred spirit of our ancestor. They didn’t want to listen anything and continued to make their own experiences. They even used magi to see the effect it had on our Wisp, and in this way, killed a squirrel.
After a moment an elf, called Moë came and supported my speech with good argument. The gnome used her machinery, a kind of metal strider and tried to see if our Wisp could be used as an energy source.

We talked a long time…At the end, the gnome seemed to be in better mind, and Moë made her promise to stop her foolishness. ((But what nobody notice, is the Gnome Chronometria, cross her fingers behind her back :p))
By the way, Moë could be an excellent Sentinel. If you meet her, you could see by yourself.

Your faithful,

Elloa Silversky

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu
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[Lost Document] Gnomes and dwarves
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