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 First time Darnassus

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PostSubject: First time Darnassus   Mon 28 Aug - 14:02

OOC: A short story of what happened the hours before she placed her application with the Darnassus Sentinels.

Ayell steps out of the portal high above in the tree. As her eyes witness Darnassus for the very first time her heart warms and her eyes become slowly wet. A tear rolls slowly down her cheek. This she did not expect.

Ayell lived all of her live in Darkshore and Ashenvale. Big cities are strange to her. Used to live among nature it scared her off of entering any major city. But as many others in Darkshore she saw Teldrassil grow, rising higher and higher. To her Darnassus was as other major cities. Dark, crowded and a disgrace to what nature gave us. Ayell's knowledge was not from experience. No, her knowledge came from books. Stories and pictures painted in them. She read about Ironforge and Stormwind. Stormwind the human capitol... A misplaced city which used natures gift for human pleasures. Not to mention Ironforge. That place just scared her. The picture she saw of it frightened her for several weeks. So dark.
But again, her knowledge comes from books and pictures. Ayell knows nothing about the real world around her.

And there she stood for the very first time. Driven by love and the need of fighting the decay of Azeroth. Where she, of course, only read about.
Her tear reached the end of her cheek and fell down. She watched it fall. Followed it on its way to Darnassus' soil. It hits the ground and for a moment it just lay there. She smiled as it was sucked down into the ground. She knew now... she was one with Darnassus. A part of Teldrassil. As her tear will remain in Darnassus' ground, a part of her was here always and for as long as the tree will live. It was her duty to keep it safe now.

Ayell raised her head again and looked around. Everything nature offered us was being used with respect. No darkness. Again she looked around. She saw Elves and some other humans. Even Dwarves and a single Gnome. But not at all crowded.
An Elf passes her by and smiles friendly as he sees her with crying eyes.

"First time..?"

She smiles back and tries to speak, but nothing comes out. He sees her problem.

"Try not to speak, Miss. Just enjoy. Take your time to explore this beautiful city"

And then he makes his way through the portal and vanishes.

But she came here for a reason. She cleans her face and starts to walk through Darnassus. Ayell walked half the day in Darnassus to see everything in its glory before she asks a guard the road to the Inn.
Maybe there she will find a Darnassus Sentinel. Only they will do. But will she do for them. She will most certainly will try to do her best becoming a worthy member in that Order.
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First time Darnassus
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