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Along time ago, two elves, Warren and Sable lived in the eastern part of Ashenvale. They had been there for most of their lives and met at a young age. They had just got news of a baby soon to be born of Sable. This was shocking news at these times. But secretly the son was born. At the time there were rumors of undead warlocks coming and taking babies for sacrifices. So secretly they raised up the boy and named him yrael, from a legend. As Yrael got older his father showned him fighting skills,they used to throw daggers at targets and duel with daggers. When Yrael was young him and near by friends would go off adventuring and doing spying missions on the Elder Druids. This is where Yrael got his spying skills from. He was always good at planning tatics and this was inherited from his father. They only lived 5 minutes from Astrannar. So supplying food was easy for them. Yrael's life was going good for him.
Till they came...

One night the three of them,Warren,Sable and Yrael sat round their fire. They ate peacefully. It was just getting dark and you could hear children going inside. Yrael was about a teenager (for an Elf). Yrael didnt know though it would be his last dinner with his family. Sable got up and went to the window for some strange reason. Warren and Yrael ignored her.
*Thud* The floor moved. Warren got to his feet. As he went to Sable, she feel right into his hands. Warren found that Sable had a Arrow in her chest. Yrael got up. Warren left Sable on the floor.
"Boy,Prepare yourself for combat.Get all your daggers and shurikens. We need to fight of some enemies. Remeber what i taughy you."
"What about mother? father."
Warren ignored Yrael.
So they gathered all their weapons in time. For they stood infront of the door.
"Right, remember boy this might be the last time we see. So be brave. and Fight for Elune.Look do this. Ill go out first and distract them. You run for Astrannar and sound the alarm the Sentinels will come. Once your there Seek guidance in Arathi HighLands theres a rogue isle which will take you in to teach you well till your old enough. When you know the time is right you can leave and make your way through Azeroth,got it?."
"Yes,Father ill miss you."
"Me too."
Suddenly Warren kicked the door down and ran into the light.Light, how was there light outside?Yrael took a step outside to find every tree and house on fire! It was horrible. He had lost sight of his father and remebered what he had been told. All he could see was orcs and undead running around on Worgs and horses. A huge Infernal ran past him, he throw himself to the floor. Women and children screaming. People deing. A few sentrys coming to help. But everything was on fire. Two orcs pointed at Yrael and ran towards him. He pulled a shuriken and throw it straight to the orcs neck killing him instancely. The other orc carried on running.
"Thral'Kar!!!" Shouted the orc.
Yrael flipped over the orc, and stabbed behind the orc. The orc turned, but he was still able to fight. Yrael stabbed at the face and the orc fell dead. Yrael then ran straight to Astrannar he had enough fighting for one night...

15 years later...
At the academy for Rogues in Arathi Yrael was on his last term till he was an "adult". He had been training for a good 14 years. And was very skilled in the arts of daggers,tatics,and spying. On his last day he was congratulated. He left sad,happy and ready to meet the real world. His first move was to reach Wetlands to get a boat to Darkshore, from there he would go to Darnassus to get to Teldressil to start gaining reputation with his own race. He wanted to go to Teldressil to Help fellow Elves in quests and missions...

He was about to start the real adventure...
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