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 Daliar's past

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My father was a brave man, but for that, he payed with his life, he lost his life at sea, Here i will explain...

Me and my family lived in a small town not too far from the coast on the island of Kalimdor, i have forgotten the name of the town we onced lived in through loss of memory, my father a Rogue type person knew how to sneak around, kill and live life alone, but after a large amount of time i knew he couldnt leave me and my mother, a priest in training and he came back to stay with us. due to my fathers nature, we travelled a lot, mainly at sea with our boat.

He tried to train me in the ways a Hunter would lead his life but i was stubborn and protested i wanted to be like a him, a rogue, an outsider with no permanent home, he told me he needs me to be a Hunter and he knows i will need it myself one day when he is no longer around, so right he was!

we made no enemies but had a few friends from different areas. It was just a normal day at sea my father did'nt return, the start of the day was normal but as the night slipped in, the weather grew more vigorous, it was like we was being punished for something. the boat was struggling and my parents could see it as i saw the worry in their eyes but we were coping, as we did through previous storms but i sensed something different about this one, and there it was, my father on the deck shouting and wailing, i ran up to him and looked where he was pointing, a female child was in the water, how she got there we did not know, my father being the person he was, jumped in to save her, forgetting that the weather was overwhelming the ship, minutes i watched as my father went underwater for the girl then it hit, the storm was throwing the ship around like a toy and then, i hear crashes and bangs, seconds later i hear my mothers cry for help, but where was they coming from, i looked around as the ship was burning, whats happened, it must of been lightening?, i noticed the mast had crashed through the top deck of the ship too, i felt water hit my feet.

The next thing i remember was waking up on a beach somewhere, i did'nt know where i was, i was hungry and thirsty and also felt really weak. it took me days to face the fact that my heart is set to that of a Hunters, i tried to remember some things my Father tought me but nothing came back, luckily enough, to save me from starvation i scrounged food from the forest, years i did that, fruit, leaves and other plant life were my diet, i thought of myself as a rogue but my heart kept telling me i was'nt.

As time passed by, every day, every night i thought of my parents, what happened to them, are they alive? will i ever know? A few years ago, i over heard, from sneaking around villages of people that were of my nature, that there are other races and tribes to the centre and south of Kalimdor and that these races are feared by my people.

I was curious to these races and travelled day and night, my struggle to survive kicked in as usual every day slowing me down, until then one day, there it was, huts made of tough fabric, which i now beleave to be leather, creatures with horns. days it took me to build the courage to steal from a hut, and it worked, that day i feasted on meat, it felt so good, weeks i stole from the camp, running back to where i hid with more food, but all that changed after one day i felt a tough furry grasp on my arm, i turned to see one of those scary beings grabbing hold of my arm, yelling in a language i couldnt understand, he let me go and as of that moment, i ran in fear and never returned.

Days later ran to a nearby village of those who look like me and over looked that horned creature talking to a male person of my culture

"yes, all i said was 'finally i have cought you, you thieving scounderal' "

"ok i will try to ask people, and send out a search for this person"

"i only come to you because he is of your kind"

"ok thank you for not harming him, i hope this does not affect the Kaldorei and the Tauren friendship on protecting the forests"

"no problem Elf, please ensure this does not happen again, goodbye"

I thought to myself, i have no knowlege of what i am or my history as i never listened to my parents, as i was thinking, the feel of hunger hit me again and then i had the appetite for meat, i pulled out a small bow and dagger i stole from the horned creatures village and looked at them...

Days later i found myself killing animals with great ease and clothing myself with their skins and eating their meat and realised i must follow the path that is of the Hunter to survive in this world, i cannot survive leading a Rogues life as it is a difficult path as my heart does not want that, and i hope to make my parents proud wether they can see it or not!

Since then i have Learnt more of the Kaldorei and have learnt more on Taurens but still am carefull round them, i have learnt about other races such as Orcs, Trolls, Humans, Dwarves and the others, i have trained in the path of a Hunter and now found faithful pets to assist me, The Darnassus Sentinels will hopefully teach me all i need to know about the Kaldorei and everything else i need to know, hopefully they will help me as i will help them.
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Daliar's past
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