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 [Missing Report] Medical Notes: Firez

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PostSubject: [Missing Report] Medical Notes: Firez   Mon 16 Oct - 2:23

Name: Areian Nel
Occupation: Health Warden
Location: Mount Hyjal Prison Den

Prisoner Name: Derias ShadowGlade II
Abnormalities: Red Eyes, Glowing Aura
Date: Week 10356 Of Imprisonment
Sentence: 200 Years.

Day 1: He remains still in his chains as always with the strange words being mumbled every so often. This condition seems very unfamiliar.

Day 2: He struggled while in his chains and cut his chest accidentally, he made no signs of being in pain, the wound was fairly large and I could not get close to him without him trying to attack me.

Day 3: The large wound on his chest had completely healed, this healing process is very strange and quick. It is possible that it may be linked with his current condition.

Day 4: Fights are occuring outside Mount Hyjal and by the den itself. Derias has a extremely large red glowing aura surrounding him, he is struggling and the chains are not holding him too well. Tylarin has gone out to fight part of the battle and flee to a safer place, I have decided to stay here and make sure <Blood stains cover the rest of the paper, the corners are fairly burnt>
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[Missing Report] Medical Notes: Firez
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