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 A strange diary entry...

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PostSubject: A strange diary entry...   Thu 19 Oct - 19:40

"Dear Diary,

Today, I came through Astranaar, And what a day it was...

I began to walk past a house and I heard a lot of commotion inside, I wondered what could be happening, I curiously walked towards one of the windows... I quickly stepped back when blood sprayed all over the window from the inside... I ran to get help, and found a Human and another Elf. I told them what was happening and they quickly rushed to the scene. As we got back a large blue-haired elf flew through the front door, covered in blood with a strange look upon his eyes, His breathing was deep and heavy and every time he exaled, thin smoke came from his mouth. He slowly got back up and another two elves had emerged from the front door. The elf standing next to me turned to the Human and enquired what he should do. The human just sat there and watched, amazed by the horrors he is witnessing. The large blue-haired elf turned to the human, looked at him and said something strange, like in another language, He then grabbed his head, looked back up and shouts really loud in the human's language... "This is your insolent race's fault... Look at was has happened to me... My family...!!!" He then drops to his knees before quickly stammering to his feet and throwing himself at the other two elves... They shouted at him "Derias! Stop this!!". The elf next to me looked at the human and said... "I don't care, I'm doing something" He then pulled out a bow and dips an arrow in a strange green fluid. He then aims at the tall blue-haired elf called Derias, and fire the arrow, It hits him in the back, at that moment, One of the other elves... a girl, flung her mace towards Derias' face, causing a large wound down his left side. He staggers for a second, puts his hand on his face and goes to remove the arrow, at that point he falls to the floor, his eyes lose the glow any other elf would normally have. I would have thought he was dead... Maybe he was, But the Elf, Tylarin said that he should be fine... I wonder what will happen to Derias... If he is normal once again... I could not think of the pain he must bear knowing that he slaughtered his family like that... Such a strange boy he was..."
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A strange diary entry...
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