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 How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels

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Damin Truhseeker

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PostSubject: How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels   Tue 31 Oct - 21:08

((I tried to write some kind of background to Damin. It isnt very long. (It is first full sized rp wrriting what I have ever made. I tell the story in She/He style because Me style (ex:I walked along little road and then I saw... ) is too hard for me ^^ So Damin tells his story, but it is written like other one would tell it. I apoligi that...))

How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels

“Why you have to do this? Aren’t you happy here? In your home, in your own home?” She said.
Damin saw tears flowing her face. He knew this would happen. He took her hands on his own and looked straight to her eyes: “I am happy, but something is still missing. Something that… Without it I can’t be complete. I must go.”
“Y-yes. If y-you really c-cant stay. B-but know…”, Now her voice turned clear and hopeful. “…That you are always welcome back. And you will!”
Damin let go her hand and walked out from house. Next to front door there were lying a small leather bag. Damin took the bag and threw it on his shoulder. Then he gave kiss to woman cheek. She had followed him. Then he started to walk along small road.
“Take care of yourself Damin!” Woman yelled after him.
“I will!” He yelled back to his mother, smiling. She always took care too much. Shamir walked against traveler. Damin waved at him, but the younger elf just continued walking. Like he wouldn’t at least notice his brother. “He didn’t take it very well… Maybe It would be best to tell anything to him. But too late. I told him”, Damin though. “Best to continue walking anyway. If I have luck I can get to Darnassus before evening has darken.”

“What ar ya looking at long yar? Never seen Dwarf before?” said furry walking Dwarf in front of Astranaar in. Damin were stared him to find odd short little bit of human looking short one. He hadn’t seen Dwarfs close before and he decided to do so in future too. Those cross human looking weren’t so pretty.
“Ishnu’alah sir. Can I help you some way?” said Astranaar innkeeper from behind Long wooden table.
“Yes, I would like to stay here for couple of days and I need place to sleep.”
“We have three beds open. One in upper room and two in room next to us.”
“I take the upper one”
“Sure. Write your name here.” Innkeeper said and gave him parchment and pen.
Damin took them and wrote his name: Damin Truthseeker. And gave them back to lady behind the table.
“Thank you sir. Here you can buy some drinking and food if you need to.”
Damin was just about to thank her, but explosion what were so strong that it threw him against wall, interrupted him. Then everyone started to scream.
Someone yelled through the chaos: “Orcs, trolls, undead, tauren! They have attack!”
Guards ran against the horde and then the battle started. Soon several hordes and elves lounge on the ground immovable. They were dead. Damin couldn’t move. Some time he just stared terrified. When one undead attacked at villager he collected his bravery and rushed against blood thirsty half dead. Damin punched undead chest with his dagger and yelled: “All who can’t fight go to safe! We take care of these!” and direct his steps in center of the battle. Damin started to fight with other defenders, but suddenly something hit on his head and everything went dark…

“Hmmrfm?” Damin mutter shaking his head. “Where am I?”
“At last you wake up! You are in Darnassus inn. Some guards came and left you here. I have taken care of you for several days. Are you ok?”
Damin opened his eyes. In front of him stood beautiful female elf in blue robes looking him careful.
“Yes… Thank you for… everything.” Damin said, he felt confused. He didn’t remember what happen… why he was here. “Yes… that fight.” Damin though. “But what after that? Where was I? Who am I? Damin is my name, who are my family?”
Damin startled terrified. He didn’t remember anything what has he done in his life! Damin staid many days at Darnassus. He was lost. But one day he decided to train his skills. Continue his life. Because Life goes on. What ever happens.

Damin ran faster than he had ever run in his life. “Sentinel invites you to his guilds ceremony… And you are late!” He blame him self. Temple of the moon become bigger and bigger.
When Damin arrived members of The Darnassus Sentinels were there already listening blue haired female elf who stood in front of moonwell. Damin tried to be as invisible as he could and walked behind the others.
After ceremony blue haired elf who had spoke earlier waved at him and turned to walk apart from the others. Damin followed her until they become other side of the temple.
“You had something what you wanted to tell me?” she said.
“Yes… I… uhm…”, started and smiled shyly at Elloa. That was her name. Other elves had told him.
“Don’t be shy.”
“I just… I have wanted for long time to be one of The Darnassus Sentinels. I want to protect our home lands from horde. And I don’t fear to do that!”
“All of our enemies aren’t horde. They can be dwarfs or gnomes. Tauren are usually our allies.”
“Yes. When I think… No tauren has ever attacked me.”
Elloa nods.
“So… could I come to your guild?” Damin asked shyly.
“Do you accept neutrality? We don’t belong to alliance and all the horde aren’t our enemies.”
“Yes!” Damin says and salutes.

And that is how it happen.

((OOC: And Elloa... I dont remember word to word what we spoke, but I write it as I remember it Very Happy))
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PostSubject: Re: How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels   Mon 6 Nov - 14:39

((it's well done Very Happy))

Elloa, the first voodoo Kaldorei, servant of Kalfu
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Damin Truhseeker

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PostSubject: Re: How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels   Sun 7 Jan - 22:09

Journey of learning
((Training of my skills))

“H-hey! Watch out!” He rebuked some kids who ran after their ball and almost dashed against him. “Those human kids are over too wild…” Damin thought and walked to Lakeshire inn.
“You can take that mask away! Don’t say you are one of that Defias Brotherhood?” Said one old rumpled old man who was sitting behind the table.
“I wear my mask if I want to and do I look like one of the rabble of Defias?” Damin said ruder than he meant to be. He had had very bad day. First his training in The Stockades didn’t go as well as he had planned. Damin wanted to show his skills to Phenomena, who was his mentor, but he had made many mistakes during that time. One time he accidentally let one of the prisoners flee yelling help. The other prisoners came to help and it was problematic to silence them all. Damin was ashamed himself after training. But that’s not all! When he had flied to Lakeshire the flightmaster took double cost. Damin had enough and didn’t start argument with him.
“No no! of course you don’t”, man said a bit scared.
“Sorry about my rudeness… It isn’t my favourite day today”, Damin replied.
“No worries. Sit down take few beers and tell about your miserable day.”
“I would happily do so, but I have to train my pick lock skill. You know some old chests or something what would be good exercise?”
“There is a old lumber mill. Just head to the north until you come to crossing. Continue to east. When you can see the building you know you are in right place…”
“Thank you for help old man.”
“It was nothing.”

Damin walked as the man had guided and soon he rooted suitable chests in the middle of chaos. There were anything what could fit in the little house: Chairs, tables, woods and chests.
“This takes me eternity to find anything here!” He grumbled.
Shhhhnnn… and something slid into shadows. Damin was sure he saw something. Carefully he retreated and took his daggers. Young elf browse anything what moves. Then he heard it again. Something breathed on his left side. Damin jumped away, but too late. He felt grating pain on his stomach and saw lots of blood draining on his guild tabard. Without warning an orc rogue had attacked him. Damin saw that horde were about to strike again. He knew that his end was near.
Then… something wonderful happen. There was Elune standing next to him. Damin smiled and fainted. He was safe.

“I may have use for this… oh! Another one! I am so lucky today! AAAH!!!” Her happy self talking stopped to scream. Something had attacked her from behind.
“Don’t tease beautiful ladies you eight legged nuisance!” yelled someone and then… the spider just solidified. “Sorry, but you have to move fast… that doesn’t last forever.” Said young male elf daggers in his hands. Then he ran in some old house near by.
“Bah! He thinks he is so big with those.” Female elf murmured glancing disapproving the daggers. “I would beat him any time. Like I could not defend my self.” She said and laugh, but stopped then: “Another mageroyal! This is going strange.” She walked at field where were growing some beautiful flowers. She was just about to pick them up when she heard silent cry of pain. “Hmmhh? What was that?” She thought and after small hesitation female elf ran in to the small old house.
There was that same young male elf who tried to defend himself, but it was hopeless try… Orc rogue was just about to strike again.
“Stop! Go away you blood thirst orc!” She yelled waveing her big mace furious look in her eyes.
First The orc retreated some steps, then he turned and ran away and disappeared.
Female elf kneel down and healed wound of the other elf. “He smiles… strange. Well I knew he was abnormal”, she pondered and left him to awake alone…
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PostSubject: Re: How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels   

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How I become one of The Darnassus Sentinels
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