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 Vainia - A Sentinels Warpath

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PostSubject: Vainia - A Sentinels Warpath   Thu 2 Nov - 23:02

I was born in the estern part of Ashendale in a small cottage in a small community. A safe place on emust say, until the orcs and evil humans startet to plunder the forest and destrying. One day I came home from forresting, I found my mother and father and everyone in my near family slain. I hid in a closet but was discovered and was taken to a Horde outpost they had build in the forest. There I was help captive for a long time, serving the officers at the outpost.

I fled....
I ran and I ran. In the forest which I did not know. Until I reached the shore and a noble elve from the Silverwing Clan saved me. He sent me to a home for youngsters as me at Tendrassil, where they trained me in reading, writing, accounting as well and war tactics and war hunters. It was a time with much discipline. There I learned my skills and talent in combat which made me the person I am today.

When I finally made it back to the place I was born, I found it destroyed, burned to the ground and the sadness and anger filled me.

Vainia at home

I volunteered to the Silverwings War Campaigns at Warsong Gulsh and soon also assisted the Leage of Arathi Basin. I fought many battles there as well as assisting in taking the revenge of my fallen family.

As time went, I saw that there were not much for me to do, so eventually I moved to Iron Forge where I stayed among the Gnomes and Dwarves. I rarely went to Stormwind, as what the humans did in Ashendale is unforgivable. The wonders of Iron Forge was stunning. The improving in Ranks made me a commander in the war zone.

The loneliness in Iron Forge made me seek back to my fellow people. I travelled a long Journey back and eventually found what I was looking for.

Now at your service, I salute you.

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PostSubject: New Instructions   Thu 16 Nov - 13:01

Things have been really bad recently
Really bad.

If we dont do something, soon Ashendale will fall into the Horde forces and Hinterlands is in danger.

First I took the long journey from Darnassus to Stormwind to talk to the officers there.

Stormwind does not know how to recuit people to the warzone. The army mainy consist of farmers without the discipline and skill to listen to the commander. I am not sure how to deal with these people, but sometimes they should go home and farm with thier family rather than accepting the recruitment and basic training

Meeting at the officers

Stormwind sent a spy to Orgrimmar to see if they could get some useful information out about the strategy and tactics. We discussed the spy type and the Stormwind Officers repeatedly insisted a gnome would be wel suited for the task. So be it.

The spy was under cover and came into the Officers hall in Orgrimmar.

Unfortunately, the spy was discovered and no information came out...

At the meeting in Stormwind we also discussed the form of the army and maybe they consider a profession army for trained people. Also expanding the army size to 20 people could be a solution, but training is for me a more important issue that numbers. "I dont need 5 more farmers in my army" I said and continued, - but if I eventually can change 5 farmers for 2 skilled bowers, I would do so".

"Hmm. " Some human officer did not like my proposal. "You Have to find these people yourself. You are skilled enough to lead these people we find for you".

"Fine I said" - with some vengence in my voice. and continued. "If I can find these skilled people I will do so. Until then, I will lead the farmers, but I will not garantee that I can hold the war. Ashendale may fall.". I will now travel to Felaras to seek out allies for a professional army.

After I long journey through unknown territory, I finally arrived to Feathermoon in Felaras and spoke to general Shandris of the Feathermoon about reinforcements, but they also experience programs with the Hordes, so he asked if we could support there aswell.

I am always available and will now ask the Darnassus Sentinels for support on this issue.

In Felaras we also discussed the tactics of Arathi Basin, and it seems like a fairly easy task.
We made this strategic map and discussed how elven forces mixed with human farmers could win.

"It is all about Defending" I said
Shandris agrees "And then stay there and defend until The horde makes an opening and show weakness"
I laughed, "Yes, soon in this situation they get desperate and dispersed"
Shandris agreed.
"So once thier defence weakens, you can suddenly rush in and eliminate them."
I made a drawing on the map

"See, that is not that difficult" Shandris finished.

So now I have the experience and skill to command and help winning the war.
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PostSubject: Departure   Tue 5 Dec - 5:22

Scrapbook notes

After the meeting was the storm on Crossroads

And it was during that storm I got the feeling. That something was wrong. I lost it. The belief. So many bad things were said and so many bad things were on thier minds. And it all struck me that I did not have the respect required to be in this position. After so many years under the SIlverwings and after so long time Helping Shandril Feathermoon.

Seeing those you repect seeking exile other places, the feeling got stronger. The though about living in stone houses near humans is repulsive but I have to overcome that. This is the only exit and soliution. From there I will still be able to protect the lands and to reclaim whats lost.

I am a coward. Realized that I sneak out in the middle of the night. In the darkness, taking the boat to Menethril and from there the griffon to stormwind. The decision has been made as I fly over the barren lands with red lava flowing. Desolation is what I see and I land near the gates of Stormwind. I wish the awaken Sentinels my best throughs and explains shortly.

I am happy I see familiar faces in Stormwind. By Elune, such a strange place....
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PostSubject: Re: Vainia - A Sentinels Warpath   

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Vainia - A Sentinels Warpath
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