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 Firez Search For Elloa

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PostSubject: Firez Search For Elloa   Tue 7 Nov - 4:24

Firez Diary

This is it, here I am... Swallowing saliva... Elloa, my second friend on this cruel planet has disappeared... Ever since that day, In Auberdine, When I first met her, Eleystra and Lonad... I knew there was something special about her... Now I sit here, thinking to myself... "How could you let this happen?" Over and over... My soul burned with rage... "I'll kill that warrior!" I thought to myself.

I have decided to find Elloa, and ensure her safe return... even if I die trying... at least my dark and hateful heart will pass on, knowing that I died trying to find and rescue one of my oldest friends... A sacrifice some might say? Yes... This is true, it is what I am doing...

"Shadow brings hate and coldness, Which will fall to the warmth of the light... He who's lived in the shadows will remain a hateful and lonely person, but when light prevails, the shadow will disappear and warmth will surround the soul... As long as shadow remains part of that soul... The light will never bring that happiness..."

So you see... It has been a long path, from that day to here... Elloa's light had pierced the shadow of my heart, and has made me desire to live in happiness ever since I met her... But, now this has happened... The warmth has drained from me... Should I either die or not, I would like Elloa to read this... Consider it... My last will... And Elloa, I will always see you as the young elf I met all that time ago... not just as a preistess, or our lady... You are my friend, who will remain in my heart, forever...

Firez ShadowGlade
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Suo Saenchai

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PostSubject: Re: Firez Search For Elloa   Tue 7 Nov - 8:14

*Suo reads the diary and sighs*

I never wanted this to happen Firez, do You think I did this on purpose!?
I knew Elloa long before I joined up with Sentinels, long time before she become Lady of Darnassus, I would never hurt her..

I know You are looking for her and I offer You my help, because we got more chances in two.. we can stay in this pointless blaming and hatered if You want but it wont help Elloa. I will leave the choice to You.. should we cross the path to find our friend or should we cross blades to feel better...

Suo Saenchai
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PostSubject: Re: Firez Search For Elloa   Tue 7 Nov - 15:30

What you call a sacrifice, is what i call suicide, stupidity, a waste of life.
You just never learn it eh?
*Sighs* Why do i even bother?
Ohh, yeah, i want to see how long your stupidity reach.

And one more thing. Shadow or light eh?..Hmm, you do know that warmth can be found in the shadows and coldness in light?

-DilyDaly ShilyShaly-
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Recruitment officer

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PostSubject: Re: Firez Search For Elloa   Thu 16 Nov - 12:30

whats this with people readin other people's diary's?!

I do not own one myself, though I heard of rumours that its supposed to be a thing you can write in, without having others to read it....

its an outrage that people just barge in people's private things....

What does F.Y.I mean? Fuck You Idiots?
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PostSubject: Re: Firez Search For Elloa   

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Firez Search For Elloa
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