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 Zelgadis Darkmoon (no visual aids though)

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PostSubject: Zelgadis Darkmoon (no visual aids though)   Wed 15 Nov - 15:52

This is the story of Zelgadis Darkmoon so far...

Lived and died in Ashenvale once already, back then i was known as Zelgadis Ravenwing, an honour guard at the various shrines around Ashenvale. That was a very long time ago however, it must have been around 7,000 years ago, but i honestly don't know. It's just a guess from the texts that i've been reading as i learn more about this new world i'm in.

I suppose by this point your all very confused by my story...don't worry, all will be explained.

Getting back to the point of how i died...i was killed by my very own brother over an act of jealousy, we had both fallen for a priestess of the shrine however she chose me over my brother. brother...Shuin....he's not so dangerous but it's his will to exceed me that makes him a threat. Some might say he's crazy. The priestess was called night when we where out walking in brother jumped from the shadows aiming to strike me down. However, Amerithia was the one who was killed, she jumped out to try to save me...though it just prolonged my death. We both lied there dead in the Ameth'Aran...however that was not to be our final resting place.

So at this point your probably all am i still around if i was killed all those years ago. Well i owe that to a group called the Enlightened.

After the last great war it's my understanding that us Kaldorei lost our immortality, also i understand that there where probably some of us who weren't to happy with that or the new alliance to the humans.

The Enlightened is a group of Warlocks who seek immortality, they turned to corrupted druids to try and find an answer. Using the dark magics and a mixture of corrupted nature...they hoped to find an answer. However all this wasn't enough, they even turned to the undead scourge for help. It's my understanding that with all this and the use of a philosphers stone..they used the art of transmutation to create a new body from the raw materials. However...these bodies they created where only empty vessels, they had no souls. They where to be used as new bodies for members of the enlightened in their goal to seek immortality...but they needed to test them first...

to be continued (sorry, gotta go to work, i'll finish this off when i get back, feel free to comment so far)
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Zelgadis Darkmoon (no visual aids though)
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