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 Character Profiles.

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PostSubject: Character Profiles.   Fri 1 Dec - 20:59

Firez Shadowglade II

Name: Derias "Firez" ShadowGlade II
Age: Unknown
Birthplace: Mount Hyjal
Occupation: Demon Hunter
Likes: Nothing in particular ((I'll keep that a secret))
Dislikes: Immaturity, Humans and lies.

Other: Has a tendency to torture or mutilate his enemies...

Quote 1:
"Firez scowled and quickly removed his cloak and running towards the undead. He grabs the undead's head and headbutts the undead hard and cracks the plagued skull into two, He quickly grabs the body of the priestess and gently lays her on the floor. He then turns round and punches an orc round the face and jumps onto him, pushing him to floor and continue punching the orc round the face until he stopped moving. The fight lasted for hours, more Kal'dorei and Humans rushed to the scene and the tower finally became the alliance's possesion."

Quote 2:
"Firez looks up and picks up a rock and throws it at the orc's forehead, The orc stumbles and Firez quickly gets up and pushes the orc to the wall and putting his brother's Phantom Blade to the orc's husky throat, pointing upwards, with the tip touching the Orc's windpipe.

"You better tell me who was involved in this ambush... and fast... or I'll wear your voicebox as a pretty neck ornament..." He exclaims...
The orc grunts and spits in Firez face...
"Aww... I guess the second option?" Firez questions...
Firez quickly thrusts the sword up through the orc's jaw and through the top of the skull and holding him in mid-air...
"Oops.... I slipped..." Firez grins before quickly pulling the sword down and letting the body fall to the floor lifeless. Firez smiles evily as he exales a thin smoke and his red eyes glare slightly. He sheathes his sword and picks up the orc by the hair and slams him onto the counter of the inn. The goblin behind the counter quickly runs off upstairs screaming in it's language...
"Hmph... Shit service..." Firez quickly pulls up his hood and spits on the orc before slowly walking out of inn."

Firez is generally a lonely elf who spends a lot of time sitting by the lake in Forlorn Cavern, ever since he failed to find Elloa.

Was once tainted by a demon, who gave him the name "Firez". His original name was Derias, but when thrown into prison for his crimes, his identity was almost forgotten.

Physical Appearance:

  • A Black Cloth cover his eyes, but a red glow emnates from the recesses.
  • A large chain wraps down along his right arm, deeply carved into his flesh. Each link is a small blade. When not fighting, this is not visible due to a black cloak covering the whole of his arm.
  • Tribal tatoos cover his body apart from his left arm. His left arm has names tatoo'ed onto his bicep. They read... Tygra, Elithias, Arias, Syrias and Preluna.
  • Occaisonaly exales a thin smoke from his mouth.

(( I thought I would do this to learn about each others character's a bit better OOC, And also helps those who don't use/have FlagRSP with the physical appearance))
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Sat 2 Dec - 3:36

Ill bite.

Name: Árín Thistlewind
Age: Around 350-400 ( try and ask her Razz )
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Occupation: Leading the Sentinels
Likes: Quiet moments and good company.
Dislikes: Unfair things and when things dont work like planned.

Other: She has a serious face when around strangers, the typical arrogant night elf, always on the look out and never realxing. Seems a bit stressed at most times, maby from the young age and a big title mixture.
Always tries her best to make things work out and puts a lot of effort in what she does in order to proove herself. Never scared of anything, tries her best to keep her face while staring into the face of the enemy. When in battle she shows no mercy, maby a bit to harsh and judging. Sometimes get lost in it and screams for blood, but usualy keeps in "controll" of herself.

When around freinds, she relaxes a bit talks about random comon things and maby has a drink. Begginging to happen mre and more often as she gets to know more and more of the sentinels as her time of service gets longer. Seems to get scared or even panic when her freinds tunr against her or get angry at her, maby shes a bit to trusting.

On the offical side of her life she is a lone ranger, does not talk about her freidns nor seems to be in a relationship.

Seems to get rather strict while trying to keep in control of the sentinels, putting as much effort in it as she can.

Apearence: A normal keldorei female, a little shorter then most of her kind, with thick white hair whitch always seems to be in her face or just not in the right place at all. Her bright white eyes never seem to relax and are always glowing. Her amror is tidy and she walks around with a purple tabard of the sentinels and a bright yellow glowing staff. ( Can acationely be seen with daggers or swords )

(( Ill join you on that, could be nice gathering of little stories ^^, thats what people who have been in the guild for long should know about Arin so far))

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Sun 3 Dec - 6:44

(I'm not very good with these sort of things.)

Name: Lorona Darkdawn
Age: (Not decided, she's very young anyways.)
Birthplace: Darnassus
Occupation: Newly proclaimed Archer-leader of the sentinels.
Likes: Her friends, relaxing and love.
Dislikes: Sadness, crying, people with a lack of discipline and her past.

Others: Lorona is a very talkative girl, and is the happy, go lucky-kinda person. But when she does lose her temper, she's almost as horrible as a troll. She blushes very much if she receives a compliment, because of her lack of self-confidence. She didn't study much when she was a child, she only trained her skills in ranged combat, so some kaldorei see her as, to put it bluntly, stupid. She's a tall woman, and always tries to look after her apperance. She trains by herself from time to time, comb her hair, takes bath, everything. Although, she talk as if war is her top priority, what she truly wishes for is to settle down one day and just live her life in the city of Darnassus. She is also open minded, and is not as hostile to other races who most kaldorei are. Also, one of her closest friends is a tauren.

Apperance: She's long and has a fit body, well painted tatoos on her face, and long, soft hair. Her face is overall well shaped, decorated with beautiful white eyes. She likes to keep her apperance perfect, even in the heat of a battle. She also tend to fight a certain kind of grace, making people spectate her in her many battles. Also has large wound hidden under her armor, stretching from her right side of her chest down to the left side of her hip.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Sun 3 Dec - 10:35

I'll have a go, and im even worse than Lorona >.<

Name: Drakonis Stormfront.
Age: unknown, very old.
Birthplace: in a cottage somewhere in Ashenvale.
Occupation: Uber Recruitment Officer of The Darnassus Sentinels ^_^
Likes: The Nature above all, and considers it as his personal friend.
Dislikes: Unfair politics and prejudgement. also harm to nature.

Drakonis is a wise druid of age, though he missed alot about the wars that have been going on, his parents did make him read on everything there was to read about. At some age, he went out with his sister, and then his parents were slain by a band of corrupted furbolgs. Drakonis went into a rage, and retalliated at 7 other furbolg camps. He's been summoned by Fandral Staghelm to train under his command, he was sent to Teldrassil, to continue his training to become a druid.
Now, he spends alot of time in The Dream, fighting The Nightmare, fighting side by side with Malfurion and Cenarius.

Drakonis is a tall druid, and he has the same hair color as his father, which is dark black. his face bears the taints of time, and his serious looks are sometimes taken as grumpy. His golden eyes ever gazing to the beyond.
For his age, his figure is in perfect shape, with well shaped muscles.

(hope its any good)

What does F.Y.I mean? Fuck You Idiots?
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Sun 3 Dec - 16:35

W00tz0! GREAT IDEA!!

Name: Sharna Shadowsong
Real name: Unknown, good luck trying to get Shar reveal it, you'd have to be VERY close to her to get her to do that.
Age: Nearly as old as Tyranda and Malfurion.
Birhtplace: Feralas
Occupation: She'll introduce herself as Demonslayer. But she isn't occupaid by anything, according to herself.
Likes: Nobody, the trill of killing. Fishing, chilling out and power.
Dislikes: Everybody, specially people she consider less intelligent than herself. Chasing and everything stronger/with more power than her.

You have to be extremely lucky to meet Sharna when she's happy.
She got a very negative view on the world and life. It is rather strange she haven't taken her own life yet. But that could be because when she was taught up as a warrior, she was taught the most honorless thing she could do was take her own life, giving up.
Or perhaps she haven't given up hope to find somebody that is able to destroy that thick, thick ice barrier that surrounds her heart. Even though she would say nobody is ever able to do that.
She got a half-sister, Arya, though Arya doesn't know their are sisters and Shar would always deny it if anybody asked, their mother is the same. Sharna got a different father. She killed her father when she wasn't very old.
Arya's father and Sharna dislikes eachother a lot. Due to their different view on almost everything.

Sharna is as tall as the average night elf. Though she is stronger and in better shape than most other elves.
She normally wears armor, which usually smells of mud, dirt and blood of past battles.
She is always walking around with a little bottle hanging by her belt, with some red liquid in it, there is a special connection between the bottle and her father.
Sharna got some dresses, but haven't been wearing one around others for around 2000 years.

-DilyDaly ShilyShaly-
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Sun 3 Dec - 18:14


Name: Arya, no last name.
Age: She's around 300 years, to be exact 293.
Birhtplace: Winterspring
Occupation: Hidding from the cloud elfies, as she would say it. She's not occupaid with anything really, sometimes she does a bit of work for the Cenarion Circle, but she rather avoid it.
Likes: Hunting, nature, being free, cat form!!
Dislikes: Her biggest fear is being put in a cage.

Arya have spend the last long time living as a cat in Feralas or Un'Goro.
So death and wounds and battles have become a normal part of her life, which she doesn't think about. Though she doesn't like killing, she just accept it as a part of her life.
She doesn't like teh Cenarion Circle, she see them as someone that wants to put her into a cage and make her do their biddings.
Though lately she've started to spend more time in her elf form, and do more serious work to help and protect nature. She still prefer to be in cat form and hunts and live as a cat.
Her father is in the emerald dream, fighting the nightmare. Her mother is a hunter which travels around with her pet, she haven't talked a lot with her mother, not that there is any dislike between them, when together they really enjoy eachothers company.
Arya got a special relationship to her father, he've always been the one to guide her and help her. She got a necklace made of fangs, and at the tip of each fang is a little emerald, which she use to communicate with her father.
Her father once told her she got a half-sister, and Arya is really curious and wants to find out who her sister is, but currently she got no idea who she is. Her father haven't told a lot about her, and what he have told was mostly negative things.
Arya is very young for an elf, barely even an adult yet. Her view on most things is a bit naive. And you can be sure she always got her own opinion on things.

Arya is as high as your average elf. She's pretty fit, though not very muscular. She often wears a wolf mask, as a connection to her feral side.
She prefer wearing her armor, but also enjoys wearing a dress sometimes when relaxing.
She've also started to wear the wolf mask less, only when she's on missions, and when she's just relaxing, doing nothing, enjoying herself talking with friends. She tries to remember to take it off, as it is nice with some fresh air.
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Suo Saenchai

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Mon 4 Dec - 17:46

Name: Suo Saenchai
Age: 513
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Occupation: Friend of Silverwings and Watcher of the Darnassus Sentinels
Likes: Fight, Drinking, spending time with friends
Dislikes: Dirty fighting

Usually in good mood. Suo is always up to fight with Horde or other filthy creature, but even then he fights with honor. Loyal to his commander. He believes in Elune as every normal Night Elf, always trying to protect weaker than him. His best friends are his swords and dragonkin companion.
Brother of Drypher Moonshade and very close friend of Phenomena Kato, married to huntress named Aciha Delarin.
If someone asks him for past, he becomes quiet and sorrow can be read from his eyes.

Tall and well-build. Silverwing tattoo on arm and blood-colored mark on the left side of the neck, which sometimes glow. Area of the mark is full of scars, like he was trying to cut it off by himslef. Some burns and other smaller or greater scars on body. He feels best in his battle armor.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Mon 4 Dec - 22:34

((my turn Razz))

Name: Aciha Délarin
Age: 255
Birthplace: Outside Daranassus
Occupation: Huntress and Sentinel of The Daranassus Sentinels
Likes: Hunting, friends, laughter and cleare stary night.
Dislikes: Undeads, people whom hurt her or people clouse to her and feeling lost and alone.

Aciha is a strange girl. Even though she is very young, she seams to have the wisdom of that hides in the heart of the oldest nightelfs.
She is almost always in a good mood, and wants to do enything to help the ones she care about.
She often travels with her trusted cat Emmi at her side, and they seam to understand eachother even without talking.
She is the younger sister of Arano Délarin, and married to Suo Saenchai.

Achia is tall and slim with long slender muchels.
Her midnight blue hair is braided, so that it wont get in her way, but it isnt uncommon to see small leafes and twigs in it from her runs in the woods.
On her face she carrys blue markings that her first hunting teatcher gave her.
Her eyes always sparkel with a childish joy, and her smile always fight them for whom is brightest.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Wed 10 Jan - 22:29

((Well, it looks like I've got a lot of catching up to do with everyone else here, so I may as well start somewhere. It's better than writing about a years worth of history from scratch, that's for sure. :p))


Name: Ilwyorden (Wyo) Darkdrifter
Age: 357
Birthplace: Ashenvale
Occupation: Former Demonhunter/Silverwing Hunter/Crimson Eagle Captain, Currently a scholar.
Likes: Reading, studying the lore and mysteries of the world, the rush of adrenaline from hunting, perfect scenery (Lush, verdant forests, clear night skies, pristine lakes etc), family.
Dislikes: Demons, laziness, Stormwind (With a passion), loneliness.

Other: Recently, Wyo has taken up a life dedicated to more quiet study as opposed to heavy combat. He is often seen leafing through papers he carries with him or marking notes in one book or another. He moves with less confidence than he used to, and while trying to maintain a strong, positive attitude with everything, he approaches everything with caution and doubt. Almost always exauhsted, he is often found relaxing some place or another, looking bored and lost.
He was the husband of Ex-Sentinel, Haven El'lessar.

Appearance: His face and body are littered with faint scars and scratches, most notebly three large scratch marks running from eye to eye, along with faded black tatoo marks flicked from the edge of each towards his ears. His eyes glow a faint yellow, but flicker bright red when he is thrown into a state of anger. He is well built and particularly fit from all his years of hunting and more recently armed combat, and along with an insignia of his old unit the Crimson Eagles marked on his left shoulder, he has faded black tribal markings weaving their way up from the back of his hands to his elbows.

When relaxing, he is often seen in a selection of light, finely crafted armour pieces, fitted for maximum comfort and movement, or more recently, fine cloth robes, littered with carefully sewn insignia and glyphs. Recently, he can occasionally be seen with a silk cloth wrapped around his eyes, often hidden under some form of hood or simply the darkness of the nighttime. However, since his return from the outlands, few have seen him in proper combat, and those that have are often witness to a dark, menacing tangle of black and red leather, wrapped clumsily around his body with shredded scraps of cloth from his hood and cloak flail wildly in the wind, shrouding his figure from light like a shadow, bathed in a faint, dark aura. He is said to weild a sharp, battleworn blade in one hand, while his other is lost in a clasping mass of dark skin, ending in a furious, bloodsoaked, blazing claw. His hood shades his face and reveal nothing other than a pair of furious, blood red eyes...

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PostSubject: Re: Character Profiles.   Thu 11 Jan - 1:20

Name: Lythar Calmwind
Age: Over 400
Birthplace: Winterspring
Occupation: Sentinel
Likes: His officer in auxilia, His pets, snow, wild nature
Dislikes: Horde, Eastern Kingdoms, pacifism

Other: Began his warpath as a "volunteer". After a few months of rather ghastly experience got an obsession to help along in the complete extermination of Horde. Not because of revenge for a few rather close to heart losses but because of a dream of ultimate peace in the end. This goal is not what leads him anymore though, he is just mechanically working towards it.
Several years of killing has left him somewhat emotionally numb and in contrast, unstable. Though he tries to hide that nature from others as best as he can and therefore feels uncomfortable in the center of attention. Instability is a weakness.
Doesn't get much pleasure from killing nor despises it. Just something that needs to be done. Killing creatures that don't fight back... much... doesn't bother him either. Nothing personal. Honor is just a word.
Loyal to the Sentinels and the commander. Believes that discipline, organization and strategy , not heroics, will lead to victory. In most cases rather reserved and concentrated to his tasks in battle. Avoids smalltalk and parties. Feels best alone or with his beasts as companions.

Appearance: Feels most comfortable in his potective armor, rarely seen with any casual or flamboyant clothing. Always wearing a well kept and clean sentinel tabard.
No remarkable features from battle, just some random scars. Slightly shorter than average and not as muscular as some of the more close combat oriented elves, never the less well built. Rarely smiles or looks angry for that matter. Often just seems suspicious and doupting. Avoids eye contact. More likely just stares into the distance as in deep thought.
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Character Profiles.
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