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 Stardust memory's

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PostSubject: Stardust memory's   Tue 19 Dec - 15:37

I’m a cat. I have a Night Elf called Galendingo. Strange, huh? Well, he’s is cuddly and nice, he likes to hunt with me, doesn’t smell too bad, and most important, he feed me. Where did I get him? Well, it’s a long story, but if you have time, you can hear it.

My name is Stardust. It was given to me by my parents. I was born in Winterspring. Don’t ask me how long time ago, I don’t count years, only meals. And it’s too many meals ago to keep count. I had 2 brothers and a sister.
My life as a kitten was all about playing. But it wasn’t for long. A couple of weeks a band of trolls came and killed my parents and kidnapped me and my siblings. They also kidnapped other families. As far as I understand, they planned to take us to a town called Booty Bay and sell us. We where all but in small boxes, 5 in each. I was immediately separated from my brothers and sister. It was the last time I did see them. At least that’s what I thought.
I didn’t see much from the box, but my hearing is alright. What I understand from what I heard, the troll took us through some secret roads back to a place called Ashenvale. There was some kind of attack, and our kidnappers had to run. The hunt wasn’t for long, before the trolls got away. They went through Barrens and south. In a place called Ratchet, we was put on a boat. This would have gone bad, if it wasn’t for the captain on the boat. He wasn’t nice. That’s the least I can say about him. If he had been nice, I would have been sold in Booty Bay. I think he was an Orc of some kind. He smelled like 2 orcs and a dead dragon, which you poor some alcoholic drinks on, and set to fire. He was always on water, but had never been IN the water. And he needed it… But I guess that if he had taken a bath, the fishes would have died.
Anyway, he bullied the crew around like slaves. I heard them talk about mutiny, which is what saved me. When we got close to Booty Bay, the crew/slaves killed the captain. There was only one problem. He was the only one to find his way around the coasts. The captain thought that if no one else could find the way, they wouldn’t kill him. If they can’t find the way, they need him as captain. But he was wrong. And the result was that the boat hit the shore.
My luck. The cage I was in fell and broke. The six of us run away. Up the stairs to the deck. We ran through their legs as they tried to catch us. When we got to the gunwale, I jumped over it and straight in the water. I didn’t look back, but I have often thought about what happened to the others.

I was in strange land. I learned later that it is called Strangletorn Vale. I was still a kitten, but I was alone. I had to fight for my survival. I was not the only hunter there, and when I was small I was also prey. But I had learned well from my days of playing, and I knew when to hide and when to hunt. I grew up and became a name in the jungle. They called me Bangalash. They entitled me King to. I wasn’t a king, I’m not a leader. More like a light to follow when its dark. So some followed. But then one day a young hunter came by, guess who… He didn’t try to kill me. He just stood there and watched. Then suddenly he was gone. I didn’t know what he did, he just disappeared. The next day he was there again, and he had put some food in front of him. There was plenty of food in the jungle, but hey, food is food. I took it. It had a very pleasant taste. I wanted more, but he didn’t give it to me. He turned his back and walked away. I could have attacked him, but something stopped me. I think I was curious about him. Next day I was so eager to get the food that I didn’t notice he had moved it a bit closer to himself. And it went on. And one day I was so close that he could touch me. But he didn’t. Instead he talked to me. And I understood him.
He said ”You don’t belong here.”
“How come?” I answered.
“You are not from this place.”
“No, I’m not.”
And then he left.

It made me think. I hadn’t though about home since I got here. I had only fighting for survival. Now I suddenly remembered. There was other places then this. I didn’t know them. There was also a place called home, and this wasn’t it. Next day when he came back I looked at him and said “Do you know where to find the place I come from?”
“I have not been there, but if you come with me we can find it together.”
I said “I have to think about it.”
So that night I was thinking about home, and should I trust him? Was he not just a clever hunter? Would he kill me? Will he put me in a cage? Use me as a slave? And then I remember what had happened. He hadn’t brought any food. I already trusted him, at least enough to know that he wouldn’t hurt me.
“I come with you, if you bring me more food” I said to him with a smile.
“Then lets go.” He said, with a laugh on his lips.

That’s how I tamed him to feed me… At first we stayed in Stranglethorn Vale. We learned how to hunt together and to know each other. He never tried to tell me what to do, he trusted my skill and our friendship. And I got the chance to chew some trolls necks. After that we travelled the world.

One day we came to Winterspring. I could feel the familiar smells from my childhood. Galendingo just said “Go” with a whisper. And I left him. True friendship is like that. You can leave, and when you come back its like nothing ever happened. So I went to be with my kin. I found my brothers and sister. They had been bought by a couple of Night Elf’s and set free back in Winterspring. They are the same that hangs around in the north.

After a time Galendingo came back. He said he needed my help. We now travelled the world. We fought orcs and elementals. Dragons and demons. We fought giants and undeads and everything evil that we could find. In castles and dungeons and deserts and jungle again. From time to time we have passed Winterspring on out travels. Now I spend more time there. I am older now, and for the hunts that Galendingo does, he need a faster and stronger pet. He doesn’t age, but I do. But from time to time we meet and do hunts together.

((Not all pets have a history. I created mine when I first came to Winterspring with my Bangalash. How did he end up in STV?

Yes. My job is boring... And someone named me a storyteller.))
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PostSubject: Re: Stardust memory's   Tue 19 Dec - 16:27

That was a wonderful Story.
*Gently pats Stardust.*

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Stardust memory's
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