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 Friend or foe?

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PostSubject: Friend or foe?   Wed 27 Dec - 18:03

Arya runs through the forest of Feralas in her feral form.
‘Finally! The scent can’t be older than a day!’ She thinks to herself, hoping that she’ll find her mother before dawn; otherwise she’d have to find a safe place to rest during the day. Having used the whole night running, trying to find her mother, without bothering about food or rests, she’s very exhausted.
‘Heh, if I’m attacked by green elfies or big brutes or other things I won’t have much of a chance.’ She giggles to herself, way too happy that she’ll soon meet her mother again to worry. Even though she clearly remembers the last time she stumbled upon some ogres in Feralas, that wasn’t a pleasant meeting. She had to use a week recovering before she was able to hunt again, during that week she ate nothing but berries and roots and other plants she could find, something she as a panther hated more than she hated the Cenarion Circle.

The suns light are slowly spreading over the sky. The moon is still visible, but it isn’t long until dawn.
Arya is now lying in a cave, near a warm and cosy campfire. A big silver wolf is lying next to her. It would probably have lived in Ashenvale, if her mother hadn’t found it when it was a pup. Now it was a fully grown wolf, with sharp teeth and dangerous claws, but it had a gentle and calm nature.
“You look exhausted my dear, don’t tell me you’ve been running all night?” The voice comes from an adult female night elf.
Arya looks up at her mother, baring her teeth in a smile that looks more like some wicked grin.
The night elf smiles lovingly at Arya, letting her hand run through Arya’s fur, which makes the big panther purr like a tame kitten.
“I’m also glad to see you again my dear. But I’m afraid you will have to find another place to stay as soon as you’ve rested a bit…”
Arya looks confused at her mother, ‘Why? Why can’t I stay? What’s wrong? You’re alright? Can I help?’
“I’m sad to ask this of you, especially after you’ve spend the entire night trying to find me.. Don’t look so worried, nothing is wrong, and besides, you know I can take care of myself. It is just your…big sister that is coming…” The last words were spoken with an insecure voice. She knew Arya had never met her half-sister, and she knew how much Arya wanted to see her, to meet her and talk with.
‘My poor little black panther, you’ve been alone all your life. And when the chance is there, I deny you to finally meet your own sister.. But I don’t have a choice…’ The elf thought while scratching Arya behind her ears. Arya had stopped the purring, very surprised, and a little offended that she wasn’t allowed to stay and meet her sister.

A hand was holding her shoulder, trying to wake her up. She left her dream very unwillingly.
“It’s time my dear.” Her mothers voice sounded.
Arya growled annoyed.
“Off you go. I’ll send Kal’Zin to get you when I’ve talked to your sister.” Her mother said, gently pushing Arya in the direction of the cave opening.
Arya slowly stumbled outside in the fading light. It wasn’t as bright as she would’ve thought.
‘Mother have let me sleep all day, it can’t be long before nightfall, perhaps only an hour.’
She thought to herself while making her way to a place nearby which should be a safe and comfortable place to spend the time waiting, she figured out that it could easily take all night before her mother would send her wolf companion to get her, As far as she knew, the two hadn’t meet in decades. ‘So I might as well get some sleep, I want to be awake when mother sends Kal'Zin.’
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PostSubject: Re: Friend or foe?   Thu 28 Dec - 23:00

At the same time, as Arya finds a little spot close to the cave, where she can sleep during her sister visit.
Sharna is riding on her black saber. She had her dagger and her short sword with her, both enchanted with strong magic to make their blows all the more devastating, knowing there won’t be a lot of space to swing around a weapon in a little cave.
Not that she planned to fight, she never does. But it is a rule for her, to always carry two weapons with her, one visible; the other can be hidden, but can also stay visible. She have been ridding since sundown, she set out from Feathermoon Stronghold, it’s not a place she likes to be, it is a place where memories gain in on her, and she have to experience some of her past again.
Sharna makes sure that her cape covers her black armour, that the hat covers her eyes.
“How I hate riding through this forest. It takes an eternity to get anywhere.” Mumbles Sharna while she’s nearing the cave.
Outside the cave she jumps down from her black saber and tells it to wait somewhere near.
As she walks in through the cave opening, her right hand rest on her sword.
A low growl comes from the other end of the cave. And a person walks forth from the dark shadows, which hide everything, further inside the cave.
“Greetings my child.” A voice sound.
“Greetings mother.” Sharna answers, ignoring the last two words.
“How have you been?”
“As usual. Tell me, why is it we should meet?” Both of their faces are cold, without showing any emotions.
“I thought it was about time I helped you.” Her mother replied, in a sweet and caring voice.
Sharna is silent for a minute, trying to hide a grin.
“Sorry, did you just say…help me? Do you know how old I am? If not, I can inform you it’s around 10.000 years. Now, after I’ve lived 10.000 years in suffering, now that I’m no longer alive. First now you wish to help me? First now you find the time appropriate to helping me? I don’t need you mother.”
The cave is filled with silence, only a big silver wolfs low growling is heard, the wolf is standing beside Sharna’s mother.
‘It can sense my anger. I better watch out for it, she is not dangerous in here, it is.’ She stands thinking, until her mother’s voice take her back to reality.
“Don’t say such things; you know why I haven’t been able to help you before. He was in the way. He refused me to ever see you again. He said we should kill you. Just because your father is different.”
Sharna smiled for herself, she had to admit, that she liked her mother. That silent agreement they had, never to mention her father or her sisters, fathers name.
“I am sorry. It isn’t you I should be angry at. It is her father… It never was my own I should have killed, but also him. It was he who took away my family. Who took away my sister…” Sharna sighs.
“Your sister? What do you mean? He did not take her away from anyone, she have always been her own. She even rebels against the Cenarion Circle! I am unsure who of you two is the biggest rebel. Her, who do it for what she believes in, because of how she was treated, because of what she has seen. Or you, that do it because you can and you want to.” Her mother replies in an attempt to defend her husband, whom she love, even if he have treated one of her daughters like nothing more than an insect.
“…I got so much to say to you, you’re wrong, on it all. First, me and Arya is no different we are both rebels for the same reason. Freedom, we seek freedom, our biggest fear is being put in a cage, having our weapons removed, our cloth. Making us unable to act, protect our self or do what we want. And let me ask you. Have he not told her stories about the evil and wicked nature of the trolls? How they are primitive, brutal savages that only think about death and destruction, that praise this evil god Hakkar that wants to destroy the world?” Sharna makes a short break in her speech.
“Well, let me tell you. The trolls got many other gods, the primal gods or forest spirits. There is Zanza, which grants strength to those that try and slay Hakkar. There is Samedi, he watches over the dead and the cemeteries, in his eyes the undeads are abominations. He is god of the restful sleep of those passed away. Lukou that grants healing powers to his followers.
Tell me, how are they evil? I know you’ve heard these stories as well. I know you believe in them. But answer my question.”
Her mother stands silent, she can not alone sense, but see the hate and the rage that is burning inside her daughter right now. She knows she should step careful now, but her mind is clouded by the stories she was told as a child.
“So it is true…you have begun praising these, so called gods. You have turned away from Elune and her light. My child…how could you do such a crime?” Sharna saw her mother’s eyes filling up with tears. Red tears…her vision was getting clouded, she felt the fire inside. She felt the desire to let go of it, to let go of everything.
NO! She knew what would happen if she did let it all go. She knew she could never do such a thing.
“Mother, that is not true. You know my view of how knowledge is power. I seek to know everything there is to know. So I had to know about the trolls gods.” Sharna replies with a low voice she hopes sounds calm and relaxed, and not like she feel. A raging sea of fire, waiting to be unleashed.
“You know it’s true…Why do you then walk around with that bottle? Is it not the red liquid of life you carry in it!? Is it not something you stole from other creatures!?” Her mother raised her voice, to a loud, crying yell.
Sharna stares at her mother, all emotions are gone from her face. They both knew it. Silence before the storm.
“My, dear mother…have you seen this new bow which I have found on my adventures. When I found it, I was thinking, that I couldn’t wait to show it to you. I know how you’re an expert on such things; I knew you would be proud when you saw my skills with it.”
During those words, Sharna had pulled out her bow, aimed it at the wolf near her mother. The skulls on the bow made of bone were glowing red through their empty eye sockets.
Sharna pulled back the string as much as she could, and let go.

Her mother stood stunned and watched as Sharna pulled forth the bow and aimed it with an arrow. She stood speechless in fright when her daughter aimed it at the wolf that had been her companion for many years, tears was flowing down her cheeks, but she dared not say anything. And as the arrow was flying through the air, hitting her companion directly in the eye, making it yell out in a howl of pain, before falling to the ground, silent, she looked at Sharna, whose eyes was literally burning. Her daughters hands was twitching, waiting for a reaction, an excuse to grab the sword and dagger hanging by her belt and slice her throat.
‘She’s…gone, my daughter is gone…I…am sorry.” Were the last thoughts that flew through her mind. As she grabbed the long blade hanging by her back and began charging her daughter.

Sharna dodged the big sword with ease and saw herself standing behind her mother; she moved the sword upwards through her mothers back. Turned around and pierced her mothers chest with the dagger in her other hand. It all went so quick and smooth. Like dancing…
Sharna kneeled down near her mother, pulling forth a big bottle that hanged by her belt.
“Now, my, oh so dear hated mother. I have waited for this a long time. To taste the blood of our kind, you know. I’ve figured out I’ll start collecting that as well.”
She hold up her mothers arm, and cut a vein open in the hollow of the elbow, she hold the bottle down under and let the blood fill it up.
When it was filled, Sharna ripped some of her mother’s cloth apart and wrapped it around the wound to stop the bleeding.
“This bottle don’t last forever, I’ll have to refill sometime.” Answering her mothers puzzled look.
“My...daughter…Don’t ever let anyone…tame you. Stay untamed…like…your sister” The words from her mothers mouth made her stop up and turn around, look at her. She was smiling.
‘How can she smile? I just killed her, won. Ohh well, why care? It’s only good to see a fellow warrior find joy in battle, even if it leads to death. Enemy or not.’ Was the thought that ran through Sharna’s mind.
Sharna wrapped her cape around herself, covering her armour, and made sure the hat covered her eyes. Then she left the cave.

-DilyDaly ShilyShaly-
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PostSubject: Re: Friend or foe?   Sat 30 Dec - 16:10

Finally! Arya had managed to get free of the trap; she quickly ran to the cave and continued inside. Where she saw her mother lie on the ground, Arya could hear her mother’s weak breathing. She looked around and saw Kal’Zin lie nearby with an arrow through its eyes; its head was covered in its own blood. It didn’t move, didn’t breathed, not anymore.
Arya just stared at the two shocked by what happened… her, her own sister. Her own sister had killed her mother!
Rage slowly began filling her up. Rage and a lust for blood, for revenge on her sister.
A low voice coming from her mother made a sudden burst of sorrow emerge pushing the rage away.
She walked over to her mother, and putted her head close to her mother’s mouth.
“Don’t…be mad. She doesn’t try and destroy…She just wants…” The sentence was cut short when her mother coughed up blood. Arya sat patient and waited until her mother had regained breath and could continue what she was about to say. Her mother’s words were not even a whisper; she nearly had to put her ear inside her mother’s mouth to be able to hear them.
“Just wants…to be resurrected, saved. Please…help her remain, untamed. Like you.”

Arya stood long like that, with her ear close to her mother’s mouth. Still hoping she would say everything is going to be alright. That she would be fine. But Arya could see and feel it; there was no life left, the empty body which was once her mother was now lying lifeless on the ground.
Her eyes was filling up with tears, that burning rage slowly returned to her heart and took a solid grip in it.

Hours later, Arya was wandering aimless around in Feralas, killing everything she found just a tiny bit annoying, if it was a wolf’s howl that annoyed her, the smell of a bear, or a yeti that attacked her didn’t matter, on that morning she killed more than she usually did during two weeks when she was living as a panther in Un’Goro, where she both had to kill to protect herself and to get food.
She wasn’t tired, the fire inside her gave her enough energy to go on forever it felt like.

((Zeh zomg end! All this happened this night. Look at the date this was posted to get to know when "this night" is;P Think i'll write some more. LIke Arya and Shar randomly meeting in Darn, or something about how Shar feels or sumething. Or i'll begin writting some of Shar's background))
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Friend or foe?
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