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PostSubject: Memories...   Mon 1 Jan - 17:29

Adora twists and turns in her sleep. She has chanced, many have noticed this, but not herself... no, of course she hasn't changed.

Suddenly, Adora wakes up drenched in cold sweat.

"What is wrong with me...", she thought. " I am not sick, I can not be sick."

She lays down again... and as she slips away to dream-state, she begins to dream about the past... places, people... they are all there, people that once were here but are no longer and of course people that are still here.

Ah, of course... the night Árín yelled at her for the first time, and Firez made her think twice about jumping off Nordrassil. Eryka, a friend much like Adora, very pretty, shy and insecure... at least she was, or perhaps they would be a better pronoun, for one thing is sure... Adora is not, anymore.

One peculiar memory, seeing as there is no visible reason to remember it... but still, clearly one of essence, be it because of the people or because of the pain, Adora is not sure.

Memories of former glory... or perhaps one could see it as memories of friends lost as well.

Adora continues to sleep and dream... but we, yes we will leave her... for now. Let her sleep, and dream... as she once used to.
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