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 The story of Chanike Shadowpain

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PostSubject: The story of Chanike Shadowpain   Tue 9 Jan - 23:06

Long ago, somewhere in the Tauren lands, two young Night Elfs traveled.
They were married and had a baby-Night Elf with them. But on one day they walked to a Tauren village, and the guards, that were very rude, killed them.

But.... The story does not ends here....

The guard didn't killed the baby Night Elf, he not even knowed it was there. So one day after the Tauren guard killed the two Night Elfs, a Tauren woman passed by. And she heared someone crying... So she walked of the path, and found the two body's. She looked carefully and what was there... A little baby, BUT it was a Night Elf. And the Horde is not friendly with their enemy's. But this Tauren was, and she took her to the village. When the people saw the baby they all looked angry to the woman, called Raven Thundertail. She took the baby to her home and feeded it, it was very hungry and thirsty.

After 6 years of living in the Village called Camp Taurajo the Tauren accepted the little Night Elf girl. The name that has been given to this child was Chanike Shadowpain. The name was chosen because she liked to kill everything, and liked pain.

Chanike learned to fight with weapons, but she was more intrested in magic spells. So the Chief, called Murog Painhoof gave her a book they once stole from the Alliance. It was full with spells, and how to cast them. But most of them she liked the curses that were painfull, bloody and rude.
So she chose the way of a Warlock. Once, an Undeath Warlock came to the village. Chanike was so impressed to see him cast the spells so fast and talented, she asked to her 'mother Raven' if she could go with her.
And yes, she said:' Yes my child, but beware, there is much evil in Azeroth. If u promise to look out and visit me again, you can go Chanike. And i want to talk with that Warlock.'

So Raven and the Warlock called Hinde Tera'nuc had a long conversation about Chanike. After 3 long hours they came out the Tipi. Chanike had one day to say goodbye to all her friends, and her mother.

After she begon with traveling hinde spoke to her and said:' Chanike, I have much secrets about the ways to kill people with curses, and i want to teach them to you. Do you want that?' Chanike answered: 'Ofcourse I want that, I want to become the most powerfull Warlock in hole Azeroth.'
And so the travel begon....

After five years of blood, tears and pain, Chanike became a powerfull Warlock. She fighted againt the Alliance, and so killed much of her real brothers and sisters. On one of the most biggest wars, an Night Elf commander yelled:' For victory!!!! And for Elune!!!'
After that battle she asked in every village who Elune was, but no one wanted to answer her. A merchant said to her:' Go to Kayau, she is the priest of our village, she will tell you, if she thinks you really want it.'

So Chanike headed to the temple of the Undeads to talk with Priestess Kayau. it was and old lady, with no eyes and a white skin, so white, it hurted in Chanike's eyes. She asked friendly to Kayau:' Priestess Kayau, I came here with a question. i want to know who Elune is.' 'Aaaahh... Chanike, i have been expecting you... Come and take a seat...'

'Oke Chanike... Elune is the Goddes of the Night Elfs.... So in matter of fact, she is you Goddes too....' 'Is that all! Is it only a Goddes! I thought it was a real mighty person that leaded the army of the Alliance or something!' ' No, no, no Chanike... But you have a little point... It is the commander of the Night Elfs, they fight for her too!
And Kayau dissepeared in front of her.

(( Weeh... sleepy... My head is kinda empty, I need a break for now ))
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The story of Chanike Shadowpain
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