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 Patroll Day

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PostSubject: Patroll Day   Mon 1 May - 18:14

Second Patroll Day Wednesday 3-05

20h30 : Meeting at Darnassus Gates

Alyria or our new General of the Army will give us the instruction.
Patroll will be composed, and will receive their area of patrolling.

21h : Everyone left Darnassus with their Patroll group, and the Patroll began.

22h30-23h : Patroll end, and we gather for a devbriefing at Darnassus Gates.
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PostSubject: Re: Patroll Day   Wed 17 May - 16:29

Patrol Report: Tuesday 16 may.

participants: High Priestess Eleystra, Siandris and Celestar.

At first the patrol was nothing out of ordinary, we patroled the main road going through Ashenvale with only a few horde encountered and killed.
We also met an agent/spy from the SI XXV who was claiming to scout the lands on orders from his Organisation.

As we approached Splintertree we saw a body of a Kaldorei lying inside its walls. With swift actions we killed the guards and managed to enter Splintertree and retrieve the unconscious body which was taken back to Astranaar.

[ooc] see Eleystras thread at the realm forums.

[ooc] Sorry for the crappy storywriting but i was in kinda of a hurry and to be honest, im a really crappy writer. Just wanted to make some advertising for Eleystras thread.
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Patroll Day
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