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 The Darnassus Sentinels Rank System

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PostSubject: The Darnassus Sentinels Rank System   Mon 1 May - 23:14

The Darnassus Sentinels

The Temple and Barracks

The Temple
- The Temple will be the civil and the Spiritual part of the Darnassus Sentinels. it will be the Temple who hande all civil matters and events, and plan these. they will also orgenize and hold all Ceremonies.
- The leader of the Temple will be the High Priest(ess)

The Barrack
- The Barracks are the military and largest part of the Darnassus Sentinels. The Barracks will handle all military matters and events.
- The Barracks will consits of Captains who have their own part of expertice. currently there are two... one in charge for pve and one in charge of pvp... might add some more here eventualy. if required.
- The leader of the Barracks is the commander. (who also have a sertain amount of control over the temple)

The Ranks

Senior Staff
- Leader of the Darnassus Sentinels. the one on charge of the Barracks. but also have the last word in most matter of the temple as well.
- will be in charge of all Officers meetings.

High Priest(ess)
- Leader of the Temple and second in command of the Darnassus Sentinels.
- Have the last word in all Civil matters and Events.
- will be in charge of all Ceremonies.

- Second in command of the Barracks, but still need to answer to the high priestess.
- there can be Several Captains.
- every Captain have his/her own resposibility. and are in charge of a part of the barracks. (currently - Army=pvp and Rangers=pve)

Counsil Member
- these are those who reprisents other parts of The Darnassus Sentinels. outside the temple and barracks
current Members
- Arafina - Ambassador. (in charge of all Diplomatic matters with the other guilds, both horde and alliance)
- Arya - Member. (previus Commander, now just a Member of the counsil)
. Drakonis - Recruitment officer ( in charge off all matters of recruitment )
- Elloa - Events master and in charge of forum. ( in charge of most events. as she often have shown how to plan success full events. also in charge of the forums.)

Junior Staff
Elunes Templar
- Sentinels who have proven them self to become members of the Temple.
- these will help in planing and hosting civil matters and events,

- these are the Jonior officers of the Barracks.
- These are also those who have proven them self as dedicated Sentinels and have served loyaly.
- can also he helpers and jonior officers of the Counsil Members.

The Sentinels
- Are the Veterans of the Darnassus Sentinels.
- those who have passed a mentorship period. and been accepted at full members.

- these are the recruits of the Darnassus Sentinels.
- all will recuire to pass a mentorship period to rise in rank. and be accepted as full members.
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PostSubject: Re: The Darnassus Sentinels Rank System   Thu 4 May - 18:48

This is very good. A easy ranking system.
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The Darnassus Sentinels Rank System
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